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Could be a short open water season

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No chance with the daytime highs might have a little surface ice nothing my boat wont bust through!
with the little water left in NW IA its gonna make breaking holes worth it that much more.
Rule #1, Never trust Accuweather past 5 days. Anything after that is never correct. Besides, a couple nights in the mid 20's wont freeze much up....
Don't get me wrong. I hope they aren't correct.
Bring it on!!!

I don't even get excited untill I start seeing ice
Its October 19th don't think we need to be worrying bout ice yet lol high on Sunday in vermilion, SD is 70...
Whitetail rut is just around the corner....that's almost a gaurantee that temps will be in the night.
i just go from one day to the next and work with what is given;)
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way to early to be thinking about being iced out....but what did cross my mind is i hope it does come at a normal time up north because i dont wannna see the water like i did this year.
It was only a couple years ago that there was skim ice on the 2nd opener in north Iowa, it still didn't freeeze up for good until the very end of the season.
Not worried about it.. I'll break it till I sink the boat... Then I'll go take an insurance claim and another loan for another boat to do it again ... Breaking ice is what I look forward to each year!! Other than smackin migrators... But that goes hand in hand :)
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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