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Cabelas Northern Flight Prarie Grass??

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Looking at buying some, they have it on sale half price. $40 for a 10 lb bundle. Just wondering if anyone has used it, durability of the grass, and if it's easy to dye. Of course it looks good in heir photos, but how is it in person? If I go with it, I will get a bundle in brown, and one in tan. From there, dye in a few more colors. Any help would be great. Also, when I dye whatever I get, I'm looking for some RIT dye recipies for browns, and a maroon. Pass em along if you might have any good ones. Thanks! Huff
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I have it on my boat blind. I attached twenty pounds to my 16' boat and used it last season. Held up great so far but mine is a Quickset blind so it is not getting abused when trailering. I don't think you will have an issue with durability though.
I have no experience with dying it.
Cool..Thanks..I have a fixed blind, when I put it on, they are going to be zip tied on and the bundles will be about 8" long, so trailering should affect anything.
I have it on my quickset also and the grass has worked really well for me to. I am thinking about adding more for the upcoming season. Good luck with it and post up some pics when your done.
I'll probably order some tommorrow. Right now I'm Dying a few bundles of raffia I got from Wally to test out some recipies on some dyes. I think dark browns, tans and some scattered maroons look great. I got a good dark brown to come out as well as a good deep maroon color. These packages from wally come in 4 oz. I figured I can get 24 individual bundles of grass per lb of grass. 20 lbs equals 480 bundles to cover a 12 ft blind. I think it'll do the job, and the blind will look good and thick. I'll post some pics of the dye job tommorrow once they are all dried. I suppose I better buy some stock in zip ties..HA... Huff
Huff menards have wire ties in a 1000 count bag. thats a lot cheaper $$ than a little bag. boathunter
Thanks for the tip boathunter....Also, thanks for taking the time to show me your boat the other day...looks good. Not sure if you saw my pics,, but I got the carpet put on the inside after I met up with you. Turned out pretty good I think..Huff
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