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We sportsmen and constituents seek legislature Support to stop the Onawa Fish Management Station closure and Adopt the Alternative plan that was given to the IDNR Fisheries & Wildlife.

We propose to leave the station staffed with our technician but to increase duties of the station. Currently, the Black Hawk Lake Fisheries Management district is 12 counties, Cold Springs District is 10, and every other district is 10 or under. In fact, the IDNR website even quotes each district manages 7-10 counties, or a stretch of the Missouri or Mississippi river. We think if we added Monona, Woodbury, and Harrison county lakes to the Missouri River Fish Management Station responsibilities, Western Iowa would maintain it's representation and we would still be able to maintain the partial funding from the USACE. This would drop the Black Hawk District down to 10 and the Cold Springs District down to 9 counties. There are a lot of public bodies of water in these 3 counties that are either State or County Conservation owned. By adding these lakes to the existing stations duties, you would save the expense of travel time for these larger districts, thus putting tax payers money to better use than driving. The 10 new positions to be hired could fill in whatever shortfalls the IDNR Fisheries may have over East.

All Iowa Sportsmen please copy and paste the above Alternative Plan vs closure to composed e mail and then please Copy and paste these e-mail addresses to composed letter ad send.
Your Help & Support is and has always been beneficial in our struggles as Sportsmen. Thank You very much for your help and your time.

[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]

William J. Smith
Sioux City Iowa

please copy ad paste the above to other forums if you can and pass it along to other Iowa Sportsmen.
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