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The warm weather has the usual build up of ducks still north of here. If you had plans for late season hunts here hold your breath for some really cold weather. I literally had to have my greenhouse doors open all night and water during the day to keep the cool weather plants alive it is so warm.

On the positive side the goose build up is great and they seem to be flying in smaller groups than when we have the 100's of thousands on the big lakes I hunt. If you are willing to put out a few dozen goose decoys on a good loafing spot in the lakes or bigger rivers there is some success to be had.

Blue wings are around in good numbers but only coming to the big lakes when those jumping farm ponds are active. However, unlike last year the ponds are not full of dabblers and the power generation lakes are not holding redheads and canvasbacks. A worrisome trend is that cotton production is up and if there was ever a worthless crop for wildlife cotton is it!

All in all it is going to be another short season for Okie waterfowl hunters but then killing is not the only reason we go out. A early morning on a big lake is still a great experience and given I lost my big Chessie this year to bone cancer the trips with a young one are good for her to gain some idea of what riding in the boat etc are all about.

May you have a great new year and have lots of birds work your dekes.
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