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Well im sure i'll get shot for this but i have one heck of a story to tell you guys and gals about...

One day when we lived in Nebraska we went duck hunting, My father, brothers our faithful yet loving and hunting fool chesepeak, zeus, and i.
well the ducks were being slow that day so we decided to go pheasant let me paint this image for you all,
we had an old ford courier pickup my oldest brother and dad were in the cab while my other brother, zeus and i sat in the bed.
we were driving down this old country road and we see a pheasant, i kid you not my dad slammed into park, opened his door and "BAM" oldest brother being excited jumped out to get the pheasant ran down into the ditch to pick up the pheasant,
Well he picked up part of the pheasant, just as my older brother picked up the tail feathers of the pheasant,,,said owner of the tail feathers jumped up on the other side of the NO HUNTING post...all u could imagine is this poor english rooster all gorgeous with nothing but a naked stubb where his tail used to be, the pheasant seemed to look at his tail, look at my dad. and give my dad a look do u expect me to stop with now? but anyways..thought id share that
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