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A couple of tips, please add to this list

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There are several things to keep in mind when setting up your spread:

1) Use lots of motion, this could include mechanical moving ducks, Kite decoys etc. You should also have a way to turn your mechanical decoys on and off. Ducks want more or less movement depending on environmental conditions.
2) Make sure you leave a good opening for your ducks to land in, setting your decoys in a hook pattern works well.
3) Its also very important to muddy up your water if you are hunting in clear water conditions. There are several reasons for this: one is that duck activity creates muddy water. Also, when flying over clear water, it's difficult for them to spot other ducks; when flying over muddy water, they can be spotted very easily and, in this case, we want the duck decoys to be spotted from far away.
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