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8 Dozen Dakota's

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FOR SALE: 8 DOZEN DAKOTA DECOY HONKERS, flocked heads/tails, mixed bag of lookers, feeders, actives and sleepers, Contact Ryan Knobloch or Ross Knobloch. And dont worry folks, we are staying with Dakota and won't change!

Message me or Ryan(Knobby) for a price, decoys in good condition.
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All PM's recieved and sent
message me if you want one, as stated earlier.
one dozen sold, pending payment! 7 Dozen left
Any Avery decoys for sale?
no by the way do you know of a decent taxidermist around here? got some stuff that needs stuffin.
still selling them
Why are you selling em if youre staying with Dakotas?
Why are you selling em if youre staying with Dakotas?
To refresh the spread and to get more lessers.

I am interested in a dozen. What is the price with shipping to Rising Sun, Md 21911

5 dozen left. Price has been reduced. Wanting to get rid of soon.
Can u pm a price on the 5 dozen. Im very interested
Five dozen left, goose season is approaching.
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