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3 New DVD's from Sean Mann Outdoors


Hey folks here's some more for your viewing pleasure! Not only are these NEW DVD's for your entertainment, heck you may even learn a thing or two! Available at

NEW from Sean Mann Outdoors......

Mastering Short Reed Goose Calls with World Goose Calling Champion of Champions Sean Mann - This DVD unlocks the mysteries of operating Short Reed Canada Goose Calls. You will learn:

* How to hold the call
* Air Delivery
* Basic Sounds
* Trick Notes and how to put it all together

All from World Goose Calling Champion of Champions and Professional Guide Sean Mann!


Calling Snows and Specks with World Champion Chris Swift - World Snow Goose Calling Champion Chris Swift hunts snow geese from September in Saskatchewan Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast in the winter and much of the way north again in the spring. He uses a no-nonsense approach to put birds in front of his clients all season.

Join Chris along with World Goose Calling Champion of Champions and Professional Guide Sean Mann to help you learn to operate the White Out Snow Goose Call and White Front (Specklebelly) Goose Call and how to use them both on birds!


Let's Eat Cooking DVD - Favorite Hunting Camp Recipes from Sean Mann Outdoors.

Join us in the kitchen where Mark Nardelli and Sean Mann share Mark's secrets to some of the finest tasting, most straight-forward, no-nonsense game preparations you've ever seen or eaten!

You will be shown how to prepare:

* Duck in Brandy Sauce
* Goose Parmesan
* Grilled Goose
* Duck Stir-Fry
* Pheasant Stir-Fry

Bon Appetit!


You can get your copy of all these BRAND NEW DVD's from Sean Mann Outdoors by loggin onto

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I'd like to get the cooking DVD. I'm always looking for a new recipe to try.
Speaking of new DVD's, I talked to 10gaBBB today, and he said that he called Mack's to order Zink's Snow Goose video and had to reserve it :shock: I can't wait to see all 3 of them.
I'm pretty disappointed in Wal Mart :evil: It's the first of Aug and STILL no duck hunting stuff out yet. They've had the bow hunting stuff out for about 3 weeks. I think I will file a discrimination siut against them :wink:
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