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2005 Ford F-250 XLT 5.4L Cam Shaft Position Sensor Problems

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Anyone know anything about Trucks. I took my truck to Autozone after my check engine light came on, and it came up that my Cam Shaft Position sensor was bad. So my truck has two, I replaced one, and started it turned it on and the light went off, then I took it for a drive and it was fine, but I went to turn around and it quit on me. Then the check engine light came back on, so I switched the one I took out with the other old one, and tried it again thinking only one was bad. And it did the same thing, so are both my sensors bad or is their another problem?

Any input would be appreciated!
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Should be a P0??? something number im thinkin it should be in the P03??'s
I dont remember the specific # but it was Cam Sensor A
Not sure, went to autzone again, got the part put it in, and the check engine is still on, but it runs fine, so idk.
The codes are P0340 and P0344
Thats alot of possible problems.
All trucks have their problems its stupid to even argue, im just going to say fuck it cause its running fine and im out of patients.
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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