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Alright guys, here is a great opportunity for you to own a top notch mud motor/boat combination with a fraction of the cost. This rig setup as it floats right now has cost around $20,000 to get it setup and modified.
The motor stock is 36 hp now with the stage 3 motor upgrade it is up near 70 hp with a thirsty 42MM makuni Flat slide carb, new cam with longer duration taller lift , longer billet rods, shaved pistons shaved cylinder heads also heads are ported and polished to match high volume intake and exhaust, larger intake and exhaust valves also stainless for durability , with high rev roller rocker arms, rotating mass ( crank , flywheel,connecting rods , pistons) all balanced so this animal will stay together while you are riding the crap out of it This thing sounds like a pissed off Harley ( people will look, this is the only duck rig up here in the Midwest that i have seen with the stage three. All upgrades have been done by professional engine race shop mechanics. The exhaust is a swamp hog exhaust and will make you sound like a harley on the water. The motor now has 20 hrs on it and i will continue to use it and hunt out of it until i sell it.

The boat is a 1854 Sea ark MVSLD flat bottom all welded aluminum rig . It is very well built. On the front it has twin headlights that combine for 300 watts of illumination while you are heading out or coming in at night to light up the swamp. The boat is also outfitted with neo-mat's. These mats are mossy oak duck blind camoflauge and are quite awesome. The boat also has a gun locker in it. The boat is also outfitted with a mudbuddy blind that has a dog pod door already in it. There is also a bilge pump, navigation lights, and 2 aux outlets. There is also a radio that has been put in to listen to some tunes. There are two depth finders installed on this boat, one in the front and one in the back. All of these are controlled by a switch panel that is located back by the drivers seat. The best part about the electronics is that it is all connected by a main circuit disconnect that will allow all power to be shut off from the battery to ensure nothing is drawing power. The battery is also maintained by a battery tender that you can plug in when you get home and put it in your garage. And before you put it in your garage you can use the swing tongue to save more room.

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