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1 y/o lab to good home

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My buddy is trying to get his lab to a good home before he goes to Colorado. She is one year old with all her shots she isn't fixed and I'm not sure if he has the papers. She is a black lab full bred. She's a smaller dog also. Let me no asap with a pm, text, or phone call. 319 464 4739
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They allow dogs in Colorado. Once the tree hugging hippies find out she's a hunting dog they'll probably call human services and try to have your buddy arrested....but they do allow them.

My advice to your buddy is to hold on to her. She will probably be the most intelligent form of company he can find out here!!
He doesn't hunt with her and he has no time to spend with her
Ill put a picture of her up tomorrow and there is no price her
ThiS site has pictures of bell a and info. Bella
good looking dog!! hope she find a great home!!
To the top!
does he still have her? where are they located?
yea we took her in till somebody takes her we are located in jesup.
click on this an it will give you all the info you need. Bella
would really like to meet her, any idea how far jesup is from dubuque?
would really like to meet her, any idea how far jesup is from dubuque?
i did a ride along this road last weekend. im guessing less than an hour...
Its a little over an hour.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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