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  1. The Lodge
    After the commison called him out on the delay of a 3rd zone and the horrible data he got out of a worthless survey. I thought "the Guy Zenner" was going to cry!! LOL It made my day when the commisioners threw out everything he had done!! In the end we can shoot a few more greenheads for another...
  2. Conservation Forum
    This is unbelievable!! Just when the calendar is in our favor....He pulls this bullshit. Will he ever stop. ?? I've already fired off the 1st of many e-mails. Please flood his mail box. There is a meeting tomorrow. mailto:[email protected] After discussing the proposed season dates...
  3. The Lodge
    I emailed Guy and asked if he could explain somethings about the season dates and he sent me a detailed email on why things work like they do. Here's some of the literature and he also sent some graphs. ********** With regards to closing the season the week of Christmas â€" The first...
1-3 of 3 Results