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  1. Northern Zone
    Anyone have suggestions where I could take my 11yr old son for youth season around the Vinton area. Would like to take our sneak boat we just finished building. I haven't hunted this area for at least 20 years. Is this area usually packed during regular season? We mostly hunt south of HWY 30, so...
  2. The Lodge
    Anyone taking out any youth hunters next weekend? I am taking my son and another kid out. This is my first year taking a couple youths out normaly they just hunt the regular season with me.
  3. The Lodge
    I had a great weekend, I had a 14 year old knock on my door and properly introduced himself to me offering his hand for a handshake and asked me if I would take him hunting and teaching about the outdoors this year. I said well we need to talk about this a bit. We talked about the rules...
  4. Turkey Forum
    Took my brother out and heard a few gobbles. Rainy and a slight bit windy, the turkey's all went to the bottom of the hill. We left snuck on some, they went in the woods and about 9 we got a few gobbling but they had a bunch of hens. Anyone else have better luck?
  5. Conservation Forum
    Pass this along as it will be a way to reconnect our youth to the great outdoors. Kids get to pick the name for the outdoors program Please feel free to share this information with friends and family! Thanks EVERYONE Bill
  6. Classifieds
    I promised my nephew I would take him deer hunting this year. He bought a youth tag but I soon found out youth deer and early duck does not go together.. Only other option I have is 2nd season shotgun.. So now I need to buy him warm clothes as he has none.. PM if u have anything Thanks alot Mike
  7. The Lodge
    ANYONE haveany reconmendations on where to go this weeked. TRying to gether my bro some shooting on his first hunt??
  8. Hunting Gear
    If you need a youth finisher check this price out. Hard to beat...
  9. Conservation Forum
    Youth to Lead Iowans Outdoors The success of the summit depends on conservation leaders like you to: 1) Spread word about the Summit through your networks 2) Recruit teams to attend 3) Participate and share resources/support you can offer a. helping teams financially b...
  10. The Lodge
    Last spring in my hometown we had a fundraising dinner for a new community club building and I donated a waterfowl hunt for two kids. I hoped to raise money for the building and show some young kids what waterfowling is all about. Well this past weekend, after securing the field I had been...
  11. The Lodge
    So how did every ones youth hunts go this weekend? I took a 15 year old girl on her first ever Duck hunt yesterday. She got a few shots but nothing connected. It was rainy, cool, and we forgot the frying pan. Not a good day, but she stuck it out. When I was dropping her off at home, she asked if...
  12. Classifieds
    bought these last year for my daughter, Size4 Here is the info on them: Ducks Unlimited® Youth 3.5mm Lug Sole Chest Wader YOUTH - 3.5mm Chest Wader • High back 3.5mm neoprene • 1-1/2" web suspenders • Handwarmer pocket • Ankle fit boots with 400 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation...
  13. Classifieds
    I am looking for a Youth size 5 or a womens size 8 1/2 or 9 neoprene waders. They need to be at least 48" tall. PM me if you are looking to get rid of any. Thanks
  14. The Lodge
    I just read a post by a fellow hunter, stating his 9 yo son shot a turkey. My question is, How can a 9 year old even hunt? This is not the first time I have heard this either. "I shot my first duck when i was 6" How is this possible? Can someone explain to me how a child can carry a gun with out...
  15. Hunting Gear
    I need some help. My 7 yr old daughter wants hunting clothes for her b-day. I went to Scheels and was disapointed in the selection. Checked Rogers, Cabelas and Macks. I couldn't find anything that I really wanted to get her. I'm looking to buy some bibs or insulated pants in one of the marsh...
  16. Deer Forum
    My nephew shot a 160 class nine point last night. His first buck. I'll get some pics up when he sends them to me.
  17. The Lodge
    so did anyone participate in the youth day hunts i took a kid out and had some pretty good sucess but the poor guy wasn't ready for a couple of the groups of teal that came zooming over the cat tails. anyone else?
  18. The Lodge
    Just want to remind everybody just how important getting the youth involved is. They truely are the future of the sport and getting them away from the video games is very important. Most areas hold a specific youth hunt get together, usually put on by DU, that involves a morning hunt, trap...
  19. The Lodge
    Gentlemen, Sunday Sept 14th the Central Iowa Delta Waterfowl Chapter will be having a youth educational day along with a banquet to follow that night. Doors open at 10am Banquet starts @ 5:30. Event will be held at Jester Park Lodge For ticket info call me at 515-943-1572 or shoot me an email...
1-19 of 19 Results