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  1. The Lodge
    ATTENTION YOUNG HUNTERS! Come to Brown’s Lake on Sunday afternoon to learn more about hunting ducks and geese! Conservation Officer Steve Griebel will be conducting a program on waterfowl identification, the regulations affecting waterfowlers, and also offer duck and goose calling tips! If...
  2. The Lodge
    I recently purchased the Dakota Decoy Chicks and all I can say is they are simply amazing. The chicks worked the spread great, the only problem was one of the mamma's picked up all four of my dekes and threw them in the water, now I'm out $200. This guy was very hung over from last night
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    just put his drake up today,, lee :wink:
  4. The Lodge
    a few pics from years past with my 2 best hunting partners--my daughters Madison and Isabella
  5. Conservation Forum
    Peregrine falcons at the Capitol are successfully caring for two young, that are about 30 days old and beginning to tear apart birds on their own. Until this benchmark, young have been fed by adults tearing food for their young. Now adults leave prey for their brood. Young are developing...
1-5 of 5 Results