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  1. The Lodge
    A few more pictures from yesterday.
  2. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    NorthernSkies, A tornado on feb 4th 2011 (Yesterday)
  3. Northern Zone
    5 of us went out yesterday and shot 11 4 shy of are limit we probably should of had it though
  4. The Lodge
    One of my very good friends has been filling in at their local gas station for a girl that got married in a very small town 20 miles east of Grand Rapids. She was held at gunpoint and as she was emptying one cash drawer the lady shoved the shotgun up to her head YES it was a FEMALE WHO ROBBED...
  5. The Lodge
    Complete different day than yesterday. No wind, full moon, sunny, and the water was froze when we got there. Got set up just before shooting time and unlike yesterday it was dead. No birds. Really didn't see any birds till about 45 min. into the season. Every goose we shot today was 10 or...
  6. Bird Movement
    Raining today so i took a road trip started at Duncombe. Went to Lizard Lake, no ducks or geese nobody hunting. On to Rush Lake, no ducks or geese. Silver Lake,Virgin Lake,Perkin's Marsh,Five Island Lake,Fallow Marsh,Dewey's Pasture,Blue Wing Marsh, Elk Lake Complex, Barringer Slough. Saw 200...
  7. The Lodge
    Moped with a kid hauler attached, parked at a liqour store. :lol: :lol:
  8. The Lodge
    It started out ok. Had to take my 2 Belgians to Hibbing to the vet for Coggins test so I can take them to the fair(It is a scam of a test the vets invented) more money Got about 8 miles from home blew a tire on the trailer. Glad my hubby was with. Jacked the trailer up put the emergency tire...
  9. The Lodge
    You really don't know what it looks like until you see it first hand. I can't remember if they are muscles they are eating in the MN lakes that are killing them or what but yesterday I was in awe. Saw 100 to 150 dead bills and coots on the shores and floating in the ol miss. river while...
  10. The Lodge
    The Soggy bottom Boys had a great hunt. Hundreds of geese in the air around us. Ended up shooting 11 geese, and 2 mallards. 4 of the geese were banded. Here are some pics. The Pile up. Me with the haul. The Jewelry. Firerush with his first band!!! Soggy Bottom Boy with the haul. (He...
1-10 of 10 Results