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  1. The Lodge
    We were sitting in a blind on the Missouri River. We shot into two flocks of Gadwalls. I have never shot into that many Gadwalls in December. We shot 9 Gadwalls and 2 Goldeneyes today. Good day but did not see a Mallard today.
  2. Fishing Forum
    Ever had "one of those trips" where it just didn't go as planned.... Started out sinkin the back end of the boat beached on shore (had it beached while we were bringin gear down from the truck) and having to remove water in the pic, pulled it up on shore (cousins boat)...plastic wal-mart bag...
  3. The Lodge
    Mine, Diet (2nd try), exercise, yell less (it sucks being in management, pay is too good to do something else) and golf a little more this coming year. It all evens out :D
  4. The Lodge
    In the late fall and early winter months, snow-covered mountains become infested with hunters. One ambitious pair climbed high up a mountain in search of their quarry. The trail crossed a small glacier that had crusted over. The lead hunter had to stomp a foot-hold in the snow, one step at a...
  5. Outdoor Photography
    Here's some pictures from a few hunts so far this year. My good camera is on the fritz, so these are from my Cell phone. Part of the early season water spread. BigFoots with bobble heads. The boat sittin the water. Hoss sittin in HIS new spot, my seat. My Lil huntin buddy, trying to stay...
  6. The Lodge
    Just curious what everyones age is on here as well as how many year you have been waterfowling. Guess I will start. Age: 29 Years of waterfowling: 19
  7. The Lodge
    I saw this on a deer forum once and thought it was neat. Tell us how many years you have under your belt for waterfowling. We will keep a running tally. Add your number and the previous total together to keep the numbers going. Some fellas may need a calculator. :lol: I have 10 years of...
  8. The Lodge
    hey guys just trying to plan next years trip. 4 of us are going to try out north dakota next year for the first time. anybody out there got any info they would like to share? where to go or what part of the state? looking to do mostly freelancing. like to try to mix field hunting as well as a...
  9. Sports Talk
    Alex Rodriguez admits to using steroids for 3 years Saying he felt pressure to justify the record-shattering contract he received as a 25-year-old, Alex Rodriguez admitted Monday that he used illegal performance-enhancing substances while with the Texas Rangers in 2001-03. "This is no one...
  10. Waterfowling Stories
    Here is an Illinois hunt an Iowa hunt Iowa field hunt Also of course my snow goose hunt from this past spring was another good one.
  11. Outdoor Photography
    Colorado a few years ago. Notice the green collars Inside the pit in CO
1-11 of 14 Results