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    I have 18 DSD's NEW ACE TEHNOLOGY 2 resters 2 semi resters 10 feeders 4 active uprights they are in nylon bags inside of avery 6 slot bags all dekes are in excellent condition with ring bases and fiberglass stakes and are in excellnt shape only a year old I have hardly used them is why I am...
  2. Trade or Swap
    i have a cabelas northern flight blind in average condition, bought new last year and didnt use it this year (put on a hard blind). has the cold weather sheets along with woodland leafy camo. fits 18ft boat or smaller lets see what ya got...
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    WTT/S FP Shot Caller I have a FP Shot Caller, like to get 90. I would trade for field duck, goose, snows or specks.
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    About two months ago I bought an Avery 12-slot lesser canada/snow and blue fullbody decoy bag. It is basically brand new and hasn't seen the field. I was hoping to trade for 2 used Avery 6-slot lesser canada/snow and blue decoy bags. PM if interested. I don't have a pic. of the one I...
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    Have a brand new dog vest i received as an X-mas little YLF hates vests, and this one is much too big anyhow. The vest is a "Cabelas deluxe 5mm neoprene vest" in Max-4 camo and size XL. Instead of going thru the return hassle, thought i would offer it on trade for anybody who...
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    I'd like to trade 6 GHG active full body mallards for 6 GHG feeder mallards. PM, email [email protected], or call 515-402-1449?
  7. Trade or Swap
    iv got a groundforce and would like to trade it for a finisher. let me know if anyones interested!
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    I have a 2005 forest river 6x12 v-nose ramp with side door. The trailer is in good shape I need a bigger one. I am looking for a 7x14 v-nose ramp.
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    Want to trade my foiles strait meat honker for a money maker. It is bourban/clear. let me know what you got
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    I have a Saunders G.P. in like new condition in all Black and I am looking to trade it for a Shorething. If you have one and want to get rid of it......... let me know. Thanx
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    6 Full Curl Drakes, need some touch up but I've hunted them in this condition for three seasons. 6 Magnum G&H Mallards Drakes w/ flocked heads 6 Eberhart Full Body Mallards 6 Eberhard Full Body Pintails 6 Blue Goose Gloves - Fit Bigfoots. 8 Flambeau and/or Carry-Lites 6 Carry-Lite...
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    I have a brand new Avery 6-slot Mid Size Bag that I thought would fit my Avery Lessers...but they don't fit! I'm looking for a trade to an Avery 6 slot Realmotion full body honker bag, or 4 or 6 slot full body honker bag? Questions? 563-320-6504 or [email protected] Thanks! Jeff
1-12 of 13 Results