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  1. The Lodge
    Damn boys it just keeps being good up here. Shot 18 mallards this morning & could have shot 50 if we had the guys! We landed and let go numerous ducks as I was counting & we were 1 shy of our hen limit so we didn't wanna go over that. But not One teal!! I wish we would have had some but can't...
  2. Wow

    The Lodge
    It's been a while since i've been here to visit. Man has this place grown up. Nice work fellas!
  3. The Lodge Not sure if this has been posted on here before or not? But damn!
  4. WOW

    The Lodge
    Before you watch this, set your drink down and don't pick it up till this is done. I got this from another hunting site.
  5. The Lodge
    I don't know abotu you guys, but I would prefer if these people would stay away from this site.
  6. The Lodge
    hey guys,,, it is amazing how many hits i have had on my web page... i'm allmost at 10,000... i'm trying to think of a give away for the 10,000 hit.. but dont know how or what to do... i will think of it for a few weeks.. any ideas??? Tim
  7. The Lodge
    One of the guys I work with moved here from Alaska this summer. He has always been a big game hunter (bear, moose, elk) but never waterfowl. I have introduced him and his son to the addictive world of duck/goose hunting and told them they can go with me every weekend if they want to. To show...
  8. The Lodge
    you are on here before midnight. I am impressed. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
1-9 of 11 Results