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  1. The Lodge
    Here in Eastern Ia, its prime conditions to be hunting and I'm stuck working. We are having a nice light snow fall with the typical cloudy/haze overcast. I have always had fantastic waterfowl hunts in conditions like this in the past. Not to mention I saw lots of high fliers yesterday. Maybe...
  2. Conservation Forum
    Next year there shall be an effort to add the word Dove to the states Migratory Game Bird statue. There are a number of reasons why this was not done this year but next year we will have to push a little to get it done. Here is the state code as it is today. 484A.1 Definitions. As used in this...
  3. The Lodge
    So I realized I could access iawaterfowlers through my work computer that I sit in front of 8 hours a day. Awesome....
  4. Taxidermy Forum
    like i said these are in the drying stage...the gadwal and teal belong to fred.
  5. The Lodge
  6. The Lodge
    Guys I know alot of you have heard of these two organizations but others on here may not have. The two I am talking about are WAI(waterfowl association of Iowa) and H4IA (hunter for Iowa). These two groups work with the DNR and other people in the government to help and get the word out about...
  7. Site Help and Suggestions
    For some reason I can't get the blasted thing to work for me today anyone else having that problem???
  8. The Lodge
    Well its official, once again I will be returning to work on Tuesday. FINALLY!!! Though the job isn't great, and the pay is really based on performance, its something. My girlfriends company had an opening and I really had to jump on it for now since making some money is certainly better...
  9. Decoy Forum
    Im new to carving but thanks to a good friend, I am happy with my first few blocks. Here are a few, Il post more laster. Let me know what you think.
  10. The Lodge
    Found this picture of AJB plowing a field while his new bride helps out:
1-10 of 11 Results