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  1. The Lodge
    Anybody know someone who does high quality leather work somewhere around Des Moines? I have a leather jacket for my motorcycle I want modified. Thanks!
  2. Taxidermy Forum
    Just some more work.. enjoy]
  3. Taxidermy Forum
    Just some of the stuff i am working on:EatingPopcorn:
  4. The Lodge
    Don't like posting this up here but you guys and gals may know of some openings. Got the bad news my contract Ends Oct 10. I was wondering if any of you know of openings for an IT person. More in the System Admin or Network Admin areas. Thanks Jeff
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    Heres a few of Gauge and his very first water retrieve A little land retrieving Some friends came up for Easter. The Golden Retriever is theirs and we worked a couple of our dogs.
  6. Turkey Forum
    Brother works for John Deere in Moline, for the past 3 weeks hes had strutters right outside his window at work. He thinks they see their reflection in the window. Heres one at 5 yds.
  7. The Lodge
    Anyone work on commercial doors and the hardware? Have some work up in Sioux Falls that needs to be addressed. It would be a one day shot at $25 an hour? Having some problems I guess with doors not latching or closing to hard or to soft. Figured I would ask my fellow waterfowlers for some help...
  8. The Lodge
    guys want some pics so here ya go... But remember to those who look................. there are no geese here!! :wink:
  9. Southern Zone
    Decent day. 12 honkers and a couple ducks
  10. The Lodge
    I can not send PM's It gives me a masage that the admin won't let me. Could one of the admins or someone else fix that please. Or at least let me know why they have me blocked. Thanks
  11. Decoy Forum
    Here are a few pics of dakotas in the field early season.
  12. The Lodge
    Looking for a new work boot with safety toe... What does everyone else where? I had Danner 453 and liked them except they made my feet sweat a lot.
  13. The Lodge
    my wife , son and I went to Jordan Creek. She went off to do her thing and Cam and I, of course went directly to Scheels. I had my SBE II in the truck so I went to get it and see about trading on that SX3 I wanted. Well after some confusing bargining back and forth I said forget it, I am...
  14. The Lodge
    I keep seeing this ad on craigslist here...never used a jack kite, but for that price i would be curious about picking some up for a rotary...if anyones interested, i might pick them up just to sell them
  15. The Lodge
    I wish I would have just took photos of what I just did. We've had the "lazy flush"(50% chance your deuce will go down) for the past few months. At first I was thinking mechanic problems in the upper deck, but after tinkering with everything I call up mansfeild and they told me to take it...
  16. The Lodge
    3 duck seasons, you are allowed 2. Either 1&2 or 2&3 Like deer season so to speak. 1.Sept. 18 – 22 2.Oct. 16 – Dec. 9 3.Dec.9-13 ------------------------- And in the perfect world south zone will be a week later for options 2 and 3. Or would the feds look at this as a 65 day season?
  17. Conservation Forum
    This is unbelievable!! Just when the calendar is in our favor....He pulls this bullshit. Will he ever stop. ?? I've already fired off the 1st of many e-mails. Please flood his mail box. There is a meeting tomorrow. mailto:[email protected] After discussing the proposed season dates...
  18. The Lodge
    this was Boss' last trip out to north dakota couple years back. in all he made it out there with us 7 times. to watch a good dog work is worth the trip itself. shooting is pretty fun to though.
1-19 of 34 Results