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  1. Gear Giveaways
    Well ladies and germs, it's that time again. Another giveaway! We have a few items from Tanglefree | Waterfowl Hunting Gear 6 pack of Tanglefree wood duck decoys 1 pair (2) Tanglefree Canada Goose Butts 1 Tanglefree DVD Tanglefree Decoy line kit The rules/what you must do: You must...
  2. Sports Talk
    What more could you ask for? Bitter division rivals playing for a chance to play in the Super Bow., I know I am excited. I won't even bother doing any trash talking because I know SBE II will do plenty of that for the both of us. :P
  3. The Lodge
    Guys I have some raffle tickets available from Ducks Unlimited for the upcoming State Convention. 3 tickets for $20... NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN!!! ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO DU, I GET NOTHING. Here is would you could win... 1 bottom mount french door(sideXside) Whirlpool refigerator 1 gallon...
  4. The Lodge
    nwhunter He wins a 2 day hunt for 2 guys. Just get in touch with me and we will work out some dates. Thanks for letting me do this!!! Fellas, let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you. Brent
1-4 of 5 Results