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  1. The Lodge
    I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to give some advice on what public area's to hunt in western Iowa that a guy maybe able to shoot a couple roosters. I am in SE IA and was thinking about taking my father out hunting in that area but really dont know anything about where to go. I...
  2. Conservation Forum
    3rd zone boundary line question. If the 3rd zone boundary line went south down route 29 just past Omaha what would be your suggestion for the boundary line going east and then south to Mo. State line? This 3rd zone would have a duck season that would be 5 days to 7 days later then the present...
  3. Turkey Forum
    Snow...Wind..Cold... 3 days of tough,dark to dark hunting finally paid off with a 7 yd chip shot....spring has sprung!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Iowa State student just starting to get into duck hunting. Been deer hunting for years and just got a new black lab pup from a good line to work with as well. Any tips or if anyone has an offering for some good area to hunt waterfowl in the ames/story county area it would be much appreciated...
  5. The Lodge
    I haven't been on this site for too long, but it seems most of you guys here are from central or eastern IA. Just wondering if I may run into a few of you guys on the western edge of the state. Last year was my first year fowlin' in IA and looking forward to another good season.
  6. The Lodge
    No question in my book John Wayne hands down. First off he is from Iowa and what better westerns than eldorado, mcklintock, Rio Bravo and I could keep going.
1-6 of 6 Results