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  1. Northern Zone
    I have been hunting the Spencer area and putting in some time in Emmet county. Some guys are getting a duck now and then, but anyone seeing good numbers? I want to get after it this weekend, just wondering were to go. Oh and so guys know, Dan Green had close to 2 inches on it this morning...
  2. Southern Zone
    Well, we showed up to our spot at about 330am and there were already a couple vehicles sitting there but they were not hunting our particular spot which we thought was good because it would keep the teal a swinging by again and again. Saw big bunches of teal get up off the big water and they...
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    I am trying to save a little gas. If you know of some ponds that are safe to run dogs in and they would be willing to let me train dogs on them, it would be greatly appreciated. Ponds with points would be nice, ponds in a bowl and I also am going to need a pretty small pond to do swim-by. Any...
  4. Southern Zone
    I see there are land blinds on West Lake. Can anyone hunt the lake? If no one is in the blind are they public? Can anyone give input.
  5. Fishing Forum
    Wife and I hit West Lake this afternoon and caught a few bass. Water temps were around 48-50. My best went 4-2
  6. New Member Introductions
    Just saying hello from West Cent Ia. Stumbled across the site by accident and looks to be very informative. Sniper88
1-6 of 7 Results