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  1. The Lodge
    To see the young geese migration. Seen probably a dozen flocks 30-40 headed north this weekend.
  2. Outdoor Photography
    Ok this first one keeps having me confused! Its a mallard hybrid but can't tell if its a black duck or a gadwal cross. Most likely its a black duck cross, but it was a different look from the other MallardxBlack ducks here. What do you guys think? This one is most likely a domestic cross...
  3. The Lodge
    so i want to know if you guys have seen geese land on building and if so why do they only do it in the spring? i have seen them land on the peaks of houses and there was like 4 sitting on top of valley high school the other morning? odd birds? any ideas why the other thing was i had 2...
  4. Big Game Forum
    Watch "Buck To Fight A Dead Deer" Meh, horrible quality, but you can still make it out. Nice buck though.
1-4 of 5 Results