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  1. Bird Movement
    Boys shot 54 up near the great lakes this weekend. That is 54 ducks. Mix bag if you will. They shot some nice pinnies today and 2 cans, 1 real nice 1 in fact. They even shot a blue wing. lol Lauton NAWCA site, lots of ducks but hardly anyone killed anything. Seems we have a lot of duck hunters...
  2. The Lodge
    Bottle and half of Captain later and my liver is in recovery, also got a fat guy shirt off sun burn from swimming yesterday. Friday sat around a campfire ring with freinds, we burnt a waterbed and dresser. Saturday Gilbertville days. Things were spinning twice this weekend. I miss fall...
  3. Sports Talk
    Early line for this weekends NFL games.
  4. The Lodge
    Some pics from the Sunday hunt (Wern Valley, premium place to hunt)with Quack Whacker and my fayther in law. Quack whacker slammed most of the birds, he was on the money this day.
  5. The Lodge
    Does anyone know if Cabelas in La Vista is going to have a waterfowl week or weekend again this year?
  6. The Lodge
    sat nov 8th. We went out at noon and had our limit of mallards by 1:30-2:00. Took some video later. now we have a tripod so we can get some kill shots of big flocks. Hopefully this weekend
1-7 of 8 Results