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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey all! Just got involved in some waterfowl here in North (where I live) and South Missouri (where I go to college). I was hooked from the first buzz over my head. A group of Gadwalls flew over and I was pumped. I have always been a big Archery and Firearms deer and turkey hunter, but...
  2. Sports Talk
    NFL wild card weekend (click on pic)
  3. Decoy Forum
    Well i got bored and so i tried my hand at some home-made goose siluettes (sp?). The white cheek patches could use some work. Only 14 and never tried this before so go easy on the negative comments haha or else...:25::37:
  4. The Lodge
    whats everyones thoughts on this weekends hunting? anyone else going duck hunting insted of deer?? i know i am.:)
  5. The Lodge
    This is one of those weekends where I pass on duck hunting to hunt deer. Just seeing who else might be going out.
  6. The Lodge
    We finally managed to see enough birds to bag some limits.
  7. Southern Zone
    Considering how awful of a year we've had duck hunting, I've had two good Thanksgiving weekend hunts. On Wednesday we killed four. I got my first bufflehead on Wednesday and my buddy got a mount-worthy drake bufflehead. He also shot a redhead and I got a bluewing that day. I hit the bluewing...
  8. Missouri River Zone
    Looks like we will have below freezing temps and 20 to 30 mph winds sat and sunday.. anyone think that might be a pushday
  9. Southern Zone
    New guy looking to go and poke around next weekend to scout/hunt if birds can be found. Im in Iowa city and if anyone has any helpful advice or wouldn't mind a tag along I'm willing to drive an hour or two. Being new to the midwest hunting out here is a different game than what im used to and...
  10. The Lodge
    Well I had to work all weekend and could not hunt but the wind blew from the north like an SOB.... so was the hunting good? And any ducks moving.
  11. Northern Zone
    Just figured I would see if anyone is going to be getting out and hoping for some birds! I haven't been up to the north zone to hunt since early season goose opener. Anyways, we'll be hunting on a private pond in the mornings and maybe field hunting the afternoon/evening. What is everyone...
  12. Field Hunting
    Well good luck this weekend guys. I have to work during the day all weekend so I won't be killing any geese. I'm from central Iowa, and I used to have some spots back home where I could go out in the evening and pass shoot a limit, but I haven't found any spots like that over here in Eastern...
  13. Southern Zone
    The Izaak Walton league on George Flagg parkway in Des Moines, Iowa is having their Kids outdoor weekend this weekend (Sept 24 and 25). In the past they have dog training, fishing, cross bow shooting, bow shooting, shot gun clay targets, air rifels and many other attractions. Brings your kids...
  14. The Lodge
    I took a few guys from work out and they hunted geese for the first time. Had a handfull of flocks finish within 20 yards and knocked down 16(14 in pic, we had a pair come in right after picture time lol). Went out the next morning and shot 14 with a bonus band! Had big ducks...
  15. The Lodge
    I haven't seen any jewelry pics from this weekend. Did anyone get any? I heard they banded about 400 woodies at Coralville this year. I thought for sure someone would get one or two.
  16. The Lodge
    Had a good weekend this weekend. Got 3 on Saturday but seen Thousands of honkers! just was not on the X and they didn't want to be persuaded. Sunday we hunted a loafing (not roost) pond that geese have been using for the past couple months. We pulled in several flocks but the wind was not...
  17. The Lodge
    It's always awesome on a Friday night to get a call from SHazam debit card fraud dept. It looks like there has been suspicious activity on your card. Have you authorized payments for Big O Tires in Scappose Oregon? Ummm...No I didn't What about the tire stores in Utah? Umm..Nope OK...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Well I'm sure many of you know me from IS but I hunt everything, but my Passion is waterfowl. I've been hunting waterfowl since I was 8. Thought I'd throw some pics up of this past weekend. My buddies homemade decoys
  19. The Lodge
    Is scheduled for 27/28 Aug this year. I will be there both days. Stop by and say hello. In talking with Dave the store manager, it looks like he has a few big sales planned as well as a few new events.
  20. The Lodge
    We have 5 families tent camping at goose island this weekend, just south of LaCrosse. Forcast says 90, 95, and 99 deg! Good thing we have river front sites!
1-20 of 97 Results