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  1. Bird Movement
    So this is the official thanksgiving week threaad! 4 of us went out this morning, south zone, not too much migration going on ended with 12 mallards and a snow
  2. The Lodge
    My appologies for posting info.
  3. The Lodge
    Had a great week of hunting in Sask. last week. Started alittle slow with the mainly adult snows around but ended with one of the best duck hunts I have ever been on....a flooded timber hunt.
  4. The Lodge
    Well the markets took a beating last week, but does anyone really even care? I am planning to work until I die anyways so I guess it just means cheaper gas prices for me.
  5. Sports Talk
    Week 1 NFL line, click on pic to maximize.
  6. New Member Introductions
    Well it's taken a few days since i've joined but here's my intro for all of you, my names Evan, i live in des moines, i work in a meat dept. for dahls foods.... a few years ago i took up turkey hunting with my dad and that has gone into waterfowl and this year deer.... i'm 25 and just had my...
  7. IAW Bar & Grill
  8. The Lodge
    I thought I would share a few pictures that I shot this week.
  9. Conservation Forum
    This weeks Run. Every single day guys e mail our senate natural resource committee members requesting that they support SF83. The Iowa Dove Bill. Committee Members, Senate Natural Resources and Environment • Dick L. Dearden (D, District 34, Polk), Chair • Dennis Black (D, District 21...
  10. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    well its that time of yr to go and get more FOOTS for the birds.. im going to try the new B2's.. anyone used any and i mean USED them.. no bagging or babying them...
  11. The Lodge
    and i have no pics for ya.... dam they are in WI like mad...
  12. The Lodge
    Hey I have most of this week off and no one to hunt with. I have a pit blind just outside of Omaha if any of you nebraska boys or western Iowa guys wanna come out with me. Its been pretty hit or miss but thinkin with a little change of weather it might pick up. Its def a better late season spot...
  13. Sports Talk
    Week 2 NFL picks Go Packes, and Dallas -vs- the Bears, can you say slaughter :lol:
  14. Sports Talk
    Week 1 NFL Line, game one tonight.
  15. The Lodge
    Hunter safety class begins next week Des Moines County Conservation is sponsoring a hunter safety education course in March. The four-day course will be from 5 to 9 p.m. March 8, 10 and 11 at Starr's Cave Nature Center and 8 a.m. to noon March 13 at the Big Hollow Recreation Area Shooting...
  16. The Lodge
    Here are some pics for you guys who like seeing them.. The Coreheat products really helped us this week as it has been below 0 all week.. today it was 11 degrees with a 30mph wind 8" of snow and we were out 3 hours in it.
  17. The Lodge
    I love seeing the pics on here so I thought I would throw a few up, it's been a great week since the birds grouped up after the snow The first hunt, on Sunday before the split...couple guys weren't quite feeling well enough to take a picture after their "end of the semester" festivities the...
  18. Field Hunting
    Anyone in SW Iowa or Eastern Nebraska going hunting this week? I have off til Friday night and trailer full of decoys and heading out to Neb to look for some birds but if anyone doesnt mind a tag along with some Dakota FBs let me know. You can PM me or respond to this and we can exchange...
  19. The Lodge Black Friday Deals Week Starts Now, outdoor gear....
1-19 of 32 Results