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  1. Taxidermy Forum
    We finally have our new website up and running, suggestions are welcome the new link is thanks lee :wink:
  2. The Lodge
    Man Fired For Looking At Gun Web Sites It's not unusual for employees to be fired for browsing pornographic Web sites at work. But a Pennsylvania gun owner named Tony Jackson may have been the first person ever fired for looking at Web sites featuring gun parts. Jackson worked at a Lotus...
  3. The Lodge
    Hey guys i have been working on my web page for a few days now and i have changed all of my prices on my Acrylic goose calls. I have also added some of the new pearl colors that guys like. My calls are about $45.00 chaeper.. they were $124.99 with $10.00 shipping and now they are $90.00 with...
  4. The Lodge
    The Iowa High School mens state swim meet will be held on saturday! if any of you have kids that are swimming or know people that qualified wish them luck! if your a YMCA member steer clear of the Y on saturday its going to be a zoo! i personally qualified in 4 events the 200 medley relay...
  5. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    hello guys it has been very very busy here.. i finally had a little time to get some of this years video edited and up on my web page.. i did it with a song instead of calling and such.. tell me what you think.. I have about 8- 6o minute tapes to go through so far.. also i still have a few of...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    1) Log in, click on the top of the home page on profile. This will open up your information. 2) Scroll down to the bottom of the page (above the browse button is a message about the file size and pixel count) and click on the browse button. A small screen will open and you will navigate to the...
1-6 of 8 Results