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  1. Hunting Gear
    Kinda eyeballing some of these & Misses Claus is seeing sale signs.
  2. Waterfowl Q & A
    Do you guys think it is nessacary to cover your face while waterfowling? I personally do. I where a face mask when I am out even in a blind.
  3. The Lodge
    The "MYSTICAL ZONE 3" REPORT :: Given the expansive flood waters currently covering the Valley, some guys wonder about "success probabilities" if they make an effort to come to the Iowa "West Coast" to chase ducks. Recall I made the same sort of post last summer. We had serious floods in 2010...
  4. Waterfowling Stories
    Share your 2010 story or stories. Please share the good, bad and ugly. Don't be afraid of sharing something. We will either pat you on the back or laugh with you. Personally did not have any horror stories this year. Had some very memorable days. The best/worst day I had this year was hunting...
  5. The Lodge
    Again I had a Great father and Grand father. But both were railroaders and I never seen them that often. Every 2 weeks for 3-4 days. But i was lucky enuff to have Ben Miller as a neighbor. I couldnt guess his age at the time 70s maybe. But I learned so mush from this man. We went squirell...
  6. The Lodge
    Well it looks like my contract in Sioux Falls is going to get pushed into duck season. :? I will not have my dog or access boat since have no place to store either up here so that leaves the Big Sioux out for a solo hunt. I would like to try and save some gas and not have to go down to Salix to...
  7. The Lodge
    Just curious what everyones age is on here as well as how many year you have been waterfowling. Guess I will start. Age: 29 Years of waterfowling: 19
  8. The Lodge
    I saw this on a deer forum once and thought it was neat. Tell us how many years you have under your belt for waterfowling. We will keep a running tally. Add your number and the previous total together to keep the numbers going. Some fellas may need a calculator. :lol: I have 10 years of...
  9. The Lodge
    Does anyone here know of a good book with a compilation of waterfowling stories? I thought I saw one in Grey's Sporting Journal, but I can't find it anymore. Each issue Grey's will dig up a sportsmen's story from an old field magazine, sometimes going back to the 1800's. The duck hunting...
  10. The Lodge
    Just got the official word, the season dates have been set. Statewide Early Duck Season September 19-23 Goose Season North Zone September 26-October 4 October 10-December 13 December 19-January 3 South Zone September 26-October 4 October 17-December 13 December 19-January 10 Late Duck Opener...
  11. New Member Introductions
    I just joined this site and am looking foreward to learning more. I just started waterfowling last year doing field hunts for geese. I tried to send a PM to one of the members but it says the site administrator has prevented me from sending PM's????? thats wierd. Anyone have any idea why...
  12. The Lodge
    A friend of mine from work gave me a book to read (and keep) Misery Loves Company: Waterfowling and the Relentless Pursuit of Self-Abuse. Once I'm finished reading the book (1-2 weeks, minimal time to read with a 2 and 7 year old) I will send it on to anyone who wants to read it, PM me your...
  13. The Lodge
    Waterfowling Words: "A duck call in the hands of the unskilled is one of conservation's greatest assets" -Nash Buckingham 1941
  14. The Lodge
    so i have been watching some waterfowling dvd's and just wondering what your guy's favorites are i really like the 24-7 ones by zink and the fallin' skies ones what ones do you enjoy? i got a buck gardner but didn't like it as much... just curious as to your favorites so next time i go to pick...
  15. The Lodge
    Check this out!!!!
  16. The Lodge
    Reaching out to region 5's waterfowling community who wish to see the Mo Valley Return to it's once Migratory Glorious state. If you wish to be a part of or support a comprehensive plan that brings positive changes to improved Migratory habitat and hunting conditions to the valley please...
  17. The Lodge
    So I'm sitting here listening to some of the smartest people in America talk about money...more specifically hedge funds, and I can't help think how glad I am that I don't know as much about money as these guys. True, I probably would be a lot richer, and I may have a lot more land and...
  18. The Lodge
    How many have you gotten so far this year??? As of today I got my 3rd of the year. Of course they all have different covers but same stuff. Kind of a waste of paper and print in my mind.
  19. The Lodge
    Waterfowling The Heartland; Take a closer look into waterfowl hunting in the Midwest. You will be surprised at what you find. Ninety-nine times out of 100, the first thing to come to the hunter's mind will be whitetails. Sure, some will say turkeys, and others, those living in Iowa perhaps...
  20. The Lodge
    Ok guys which ones are your favorites???? Me personally I like the HS Take em videos along with the older duck commander videos and a few of the buck gardner videos. I enjoy watching them but in the summer time it is hard to watch them because they make me want to get out and kill some.
1-20 of 20 Results