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    For all the South Zone Hunters. If you guys seriously wish for a Teal Only Season in the south zone you better start sending out your request for such action to our Director of IDNR Fish & Wildlife & Our state Waterfowl Biologist. This action will let them know how serious you guys are about the...
  2. The Lodge
    We would like to let everyone know that has joined up with and the Brannen Family You can see their show on Sports South on Tuesdays at 2:30PM/EST. Also on Versus Channel Thursdays at 12:30PM/EST. They have a great show, which is about Making Time for Traditions and getting family in...
  3. The Lodge
    Hey everyone just got a few t shirts in. I have sizes xl and 3x in stock. The xl t's are 15 a piece and the 3x t's are 20 a piece. Shipping is 3 bucks a t shirt as well. The shirts have the iawaterfowlers logo small in the left front chest and then a big logo in the back of the shirt. PM me if...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Folks as sportsmen but most importantly as a waterfowling community this action by you could help restore Isolated Wetland protections under CWA. Clean Waters Act: Please take the time and visit this Response page to congress over CWA protections and lend a hand if you can...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Dear Senator / Representative: <-- You Pick the title that fits As one of Iowa's 25, 000 plus waterfowlers, I write to express my strong support for the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). In Iowa, 34 NAWCA projects have either been completed or are currently under way. Nearly...
  6. New Member Introductions
    been waterfowl hunting for about ten years now. became addicted the first time my brother took me to riverton. looking forward to talking with you guys about the season.
  7. New Member Introductions
    On the eve of the 2010 duck season, waterfowlers across the state reflect back on seasons past. We reminisce about memorable hunts; the camaraderie shared with friends, family and canine companions in the duck blind; majestic sunrises; and skies filled with waterfowl. Our passion for these...
  8. Conservation Forum
    You still have the opportunity to express your thoughts on the eight authorized purposes of the Mo River and how the MRAPS process should proceed. It's critically important that the COE hear from you. This is the first opportunity to affect change on the river and have the Missouri River...
  9. Conservation Forum
    I just took the IDNR web survey and suggested that the site include an Iowa Waterfowler Survey where it is to run the length of the season. Waterfowlers may register with their hunting lic number and only allowed to take it one time. I suggested that this should be done so that we can obtain as...
  10. Conservation Forum
    How many of you would support some changes to the public input process on waterfowling issues? 1) A process that focuses on Waterfowling issues alone. 2) A process that actually allows us, full public participation / debate. 3) All individuals who set on the panel must have a waterfowling...
  11. The Lodge
    Waterfowlers Journal
  12. The Lodge
    Chris Wright "Owner" and myself at Waterfowlers Bootcamp in Marengo Ohio.
  13. The Lodge
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  14. The Lodge Check it out guys, if your up for a weekend trip its a good time!
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  16. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I just figured I would say whats up, and if you get a chance check out our calls, and calling videos on youtube for instructional videos. Also you can find us on facebook at KES Waterfowlers.
  17. Conservation Forum
    Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Association Meeting JUNE 5th 2010 12:00 / NOON At: Onawa Public Library Mark it down on your calendar as a must attend event. It will be an event as a waterfowler you will not want to Miss. Membership Registration: 12 to 12:45 General Membership $25.00 Youth Under 16...
1-17 of 32 Results