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  1. Waterfowl Q & A
    I am considering attempting Spring Snow Goose hunting on water, I was thinking of the Ingham/High Lake area. Any thoughts, ideas on decoy #s. The Ingham/High lakes located in NW Iowa and are protected area for Canada Geese however other waterfowl may be harvested there. My thought was if I could...
  2. The Lodge
    Not sure about the rest of the state, but over this way I'd say the ice is maybe 3" thick at most and melting. With all this rain and high temps we are getting, what do you guys think the chances are of the marshes opening back up?? Tommorrow is supposed to be windy as well. I wouldnt mind...
  3. The Lodge
    Mallard26 reports Smacked 2 drakes and a hen this afternoon... Local birds still
  4. Southern Zone
    We are head to the SE corner tonight. What are the water levels of most ponds? Did the rain the other day help fill anything?
  5. The Lodge
    The creek dried up! Grandson and I were catching baitfish right here this summer. I think I uncovered some mule bones and a little scoop thingie ;)
  6. Waterfowl Q & A
    Been wanting to try and hunt the middle of some smaller lakes with the canoe. Should I just grass it up and look like a very small island? also thinking about covering it up with a tarp but not really sure of what color to try. the waters brown but at an angle its more of a shiny silverish blue...
  7. Classifieds
    Duck Boat For Sale Selling my duck/fishing boat. Can run rivers 3" of water with mud buddy and plows through mud / vegetation. Have fished large lakes ( Lake of the Woods, Lake Michigan) Very stable and can fish 6 people comfortably. Always stored in heated shop. Don't have the time...
  8. Southern Zone
    I live in CR and taking a buddy and his dad out tomorrow and it's his father's bday tomorrow, and pumped to take these two out. They don't do much duck hunting and I know the weather is supposed to be crap but planning on taking the boat and blind making a little breakfast for them. Just having...
  9. Vendor Deals
    Here is part 1 of the 4 part build project of the Phowlers Boats new Big Water Series boat. I will post the others when the come available. The last video was just shot last weekend so there will be a couple weeks btwn videos for Eric to do the editing. The last video was of a Vetrans day...
  10. The Lodge
    For the South opener on Saturday it is almost certain that there will be ducks on the water right in front of our blind when we show up. We pretty much have two options when this happens. Either go in well before shooting time, let them get up, set the decoys and hope they come back. Or, we...
  11. The Lodge
  12. Northern Zone
    Anyoe been up there in the past day or so i heard they dropped the water like 1 ft or 2?????? Musta had something to do with everyone leaving at midnight in the no wake area on the opener.....
  13. Mississippi River Zone
    Every year on my drive home from hunting I follow the same road home that follows the river. I always see ducks hanging around the really wide areas of the river here around dubuque. It is just big wide open water out there with no cover, not one thing to hide in! I am always use to hunting...
  14. Conservation Forum
    I started today stipping dirt for one of two wetlands on this piece of ground by Big Marsh. We have about 10 of these ponds to do yet this fall.
  15. Southern Zone
    Does anyone do much pond hopping or stream hunting down south central way? my dad and i had a lot of good luck with jumping ponds last fall and we were thinking of walking a few wooded streams, mostly mallards and woodies is what we've seen but i'm not complaining, anyone wanna weigh in on these...
  16. The Lodge
    What was one of your most scariest moments while on the water or in the field? Mine happened about 17 years ago while Bow Hunting one November afternoon. It was a cloudy but calm day, perfect to be in the stand hunting Mr. Illusive himself. I drove down to the farm and in 25 minutes I was in my...
  17. The Lodge
    Just curious as I haven't seen much talk about the situation over there. How are the levels along the Missouri right now?
  18. Northern Zone
    TRIPOLI, Iowa - Martens Lake in the Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management Area is being drawn down to control the spread of brittle naiad, an exotic invasive aquatic plant discovered in the lake in 2010. "The drawdown has gone as planned for the first two weeks and if the weather cooperates the...
  19. The Lodge
    These boys guide lake Michigan Diver hunts, good bunch, and they are a sponser here. I saw this link and found it interesting if anyone is in the market for a layout boat, you can go test drive one with Mike.
1-20 of 60 Results