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  1. New Member Introductions
    My name is Logan and im addicted to duck and goose hunting like most of you guys here. I do most of my hunting in Southern Iowa. I work at Sportsmans Warehouse in Ankeny as a Hunting Associate and my two specialties are obviously Waterfowl Hunting and Shotguns. I love anything Browning and will...
  2. The Lodge
    I am gunna go out solo at my lease just outside of omaha if anyone would like to accompany me? Let me know. Thanks
  3. The Lodge
    There r NON STOP ducks & geese flying tonight down here in SW Iowa . Anyone wanna head out to my lease with me in the morning? It's just outside of Omaha, Nebrask & I will even make u breakfast. We have an underground pit with heat & electricity. Let me know thanks.
  4. The Lodge
    Hey I have most of this week off and no one to hunt with. I have a pit blind just outside of Omaha if any of you nebraska boys or western Iowa guys wanna come out with me. Its been pretty hit or miss but thinkin with a little change of weather it might pick up. Its def a better late season spot...
  5. Northern Zone
    Hey I am going home for early duck season and pretty much got pegged where I am gunna go sat and sun but I will also be up mon, tues and wed and probably gunna be by myself. Anyone wanna go hunting any or all of those mornings with me?
  6. The Lodge
    I'm going to ND for early season honker opener Aug 15 for 3 days of huntin. So far just myself & I have a buddy I'm hunting with up there. Room for one or two more to tag along with me. PM me if interested. Thanks[/u]
  7. Trade or Swap
    I just bought a new eskimo 8" hand auger from rogers. and to be honest, it's much more auger than what I can handle. Is there anyone tht would want to upgrade a newer 6" for an 8"
  8. The Lodge
    Hey I moved to Council Bluffs from Northern Iowa last fall and I dont really know all that many people down here. I deer hunt mainly with my best friend but I come from a upland/waterfowling background mainly. I have a few places that I go to down here but I work 12hr shifts and I take A LOT...
1-8 of 8 Results