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    Here a few from this past week, sure wish I was on vacation. Fishing Report- Last Sat headed up North on the Mighty Miss- 1st stop Genoa- Fished hard, Couldn't keep the sheephead from hitting whatever we put on VERY bothersome 9 on one pass, decided Sat at noon to head up to Red Wing, AWESOME...
  2. Fishing Forum
    Ever had "one of those trips" where it just didn't go as planned.... Started out sinkin the back end of the boat beached on shore (had it beached while we were bringin gear down from the truck) and having to remove water in the pic, pulled it up on shore (cousins boat)...plastic wal-mart bag...
  3. Fishing Forum
    Illinois side opened up today. Fished lock and dam 12 at Bellevue with about 75 other boats. Perfect conditions. Lots of fish. 3 of us caught over 50 but lots of 13 and 14 inchers. Stuck it out and brought home 13. 11 walleye and 2 sauger. Looks like we'll get a couple decent days of fishing...
  4. Fishing Forum
    A high school buddy went up to the river today with my dad and I. Had a great day of fishing. Alot of eyes and saugers caught alot of them short though. Kept 9 nice eaters.
  5. Fishing Forum
    Anyone been out??? Going to head up to Genoa this weekend and give it a shot in the boat. Might take the ice fishing poles to just in case we somehow limit out and want to go after some panfish thru the ice.
  6. Fishing Forum
    What a wonderful fall we are having seems everything is simply awesome the walleyes below saylorville are on fire. many eaters in the 2-3 pound range and tons of mid size fish being caught and plenty of trophy sized fish as well. Crappie have been a lil slow for me this fall though but thats...
  7. Fishing Forum
    Here is a walleye I caught last weekend and a northern I caught couple weekends ago thought I would share.. They came out of a pretty small river.. The walleye was 28 inches and the norther was 38 inches Both were all spawned out and very skinny.. But It was fun..
  8. Fishing Forum
    Anyone been out trying some of the open water yet for eyes??? Think a buddy and I are going to try to fish the shell rock from shore tomorrow or wednesday or shove the boat across the ice into the open water channel on the cedar by waverly. I heard some of the boat ramps on upper pool 9 on the...
  9. Taxidermy Forum
    Fish were from further north if they look a little dark thats why. A lot of time involved. What do you think? A fat 28" and a 29"..........
  10. Taxidermy Forum
    this one has a green cast, comes from Linn grove.
  11. Fishing Forum
    Overall it was a good day to be fishing on the miss. river. It had come up 2 feet since tuesday and got a little bit dirty but still was very fishable. We ended up taking home 5 saugers and 2 eyes. Both eyes were 18 to 19 inches. Here are a few pics from the day. One of the 100 to 300...
  12. Fishing Forum
    Where do you guys buy your bucktail jigs for walleye fishing??? I found a place called captain hooks jigs but is there any other place??
  13. Surrounding States
    Woman Lake included in walleye stocking study « on: June 19, 2008, 07:55:11 AM » -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Woman Lake included in walleye stocking study The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) fisheries researchers, with...
  14. Fishing Forum
    Iowa Walleye: Widespread Gains for Anglers as Researchers Build Fishing "Field of Dreams" Location: Iowa DES MOINES - No one who has ever seen Field of Dreams can forget the signature line from that motion picture: "Build it and they will come." What if the scenario of a mythic Iowa...
  15. Surrounding States
    MDNR to study Lake Kabetogama walleye natural reproduction The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is releasing marked walleye fry this spring in Lake Kabetogama at Voyageurs National Park to better understand the species’ natural reproduction and recruitment cycles. The work may...
1-15 of 15 Results