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  1. Hunting Gear
    What is your setup for walk-in hunts? I've used cheap bags and carried them in and now I'm using a sled I got for Christmas last year. The sled sucks so far without snow. Curious what everyone else is using. It gets harder the more equipment I get. Pulsator, mojos, etc...
  2. Decoy Forum
    so... after years of pullin dekes out of the boat when i walk in... i decided its time to get a good pack of decoys to use for walkins specifically heres what i ended up gettin 1 oversized puddler pack (6) 1 oversized mallard pack (6) 6 GHG wood ducks 6 GHG early bluewing teal 2 bags- each...
  3. Conservation Forum
    The Natural Resource Commission will meet next Wed., April 13, at Honey Creek Resort State Park at 10 a.m. Two important issues are the first two items on the agenda: The Wildlife Habitat on Private Lands Promotion Program and the Dove Season. Public comment periods will precede both items...
  4. The Lodge
    Iowa DNR: Second Public Meeting Planned For Pilot Program On Hunting Access The Iowa Department of Natural Resources will host a second public meeting on the voluntary public access habitat incentive program at 1 p.m., March 29, in the fourth floor west conference room of the Wallace State...
  5. Hunting Gear
    What kind of bird hunting boots do use or have had good luck with? I just bought a pair of Irish Setter wingshooter boots made of Kangaroo leather. I heard the Browning Kagaroo are Exc. boots too. Thanks, Chuck
  6. Southern Zone
    I am from Eastern Iowa and I am new to the Des Moines area. I was wondering if there are any good public walk-in areas around the city. I see that Big Creek has some public land on the north end of the lake, but is it any good to hunt? Does the Red Rock area have anyplace to walk in, or is it...
1-6 of 6 Results