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  1. Outdoor Photography
    And look what I found........
  2. The Lodge
    YouTube - Neature Walk - Episode 3
  3. Conservation Forum
    Under the buffer strip assistance program it generates 1 million dollars on its own every 4 years. The Public Walk in Hunting Access Pilot program we have has a budget of 2.5 million I believe. Somewhere in that neighborhood. This was made possible Only by our IDNR Fish & Wildife Department who...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Commission Approves Proposed Dove Season Rules MORAVIA - The Natural Resource Commission of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources took the first step toward a mourning dove season Wednesday, when commissioners approved the proposed rules on a 5-to-2 vote. Commissioners Elizabeth Garst and...
  5. Conservation Forum
    Thank you for your recent comments regarding the hunting access program proposed for Iowa. This has been a highly successful program for other states and we are very pleased to have received federal funding to investigate similar opportunities for Iowa’s landowners and hunters. As we...
  6. Conservation Forum
    I also asked if you had property that had and only wanted to lets say offer x as the only opportunity you could do so in the contract. Duck hunt but no pheasant hunting. Pheasant hunt but no duck hunting. You get the picture. You can pick what you would allow to be hunted on your land. Due...
  7. Conservation Forum
    I am sending information about the Department of Natural Resources Management and Hunting Access Pilot Program. Iowa received a three-year $1.5 million grant from USDA to encourage owners and operators of privately-held farm, ranch and forest land to voluntarily make that land available for...
  8. Southern Zone
    Hey guys, newB in the area, I didnt get to bring my bow with me to school so it looks like I'll be duck hunting all fall-I'm wondering about locations of walk in areas that wont put water over my waders, not asking for someone's hot spot-just an area to start looking at? I've looked at Hawkeye...
  9. The Lodge
    Vickie with Wrangler Vickie, first shot with her new Weatherby SA-08
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    Vickie with Wrangler Vickie, first shot with her new Weatherby SA-08
1-10 of 10 Results