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  1. vid

    The Lodge
  2. The Lodge
    this is funny stuff!!
  3. The Lodge Press play on the video.
  4. vid

    The Lodge
  5. The Lodge
    Promo vid for RJM guiding and outfitting on our WI site, check it out He's also a sponsor on this site.
  6. The Lodge
    Hahn Vid (yup, same thougth process I would use :lol: ) Watch "Beer ad"
  7. The Lodge
    Watch "Goose Hunt"
  8. The Lodge
    Beer Vid Watch "Budlight"
  9. Turkey Forum
    Turkey Hunt Vid Watch "CFC Turkey Hunt"
  10. Turkey Forum
    Turkey vid, two birds, one shot Watch "Turkey Hunt"
  11. Big Game Forum
    Big Buck Vid Watch "Got em"
  12. The Lodge
    this always kills me!!!
  13. The Lodge
    Duck Hunt Vid Watch "Duck Hunt"
  14. The Lodge
    I put together a short video from our spring trip and a few pictures from this fall I just got. Watch it on the smaller screen, thumbs up to youtube for their video quality :roll: We'll see how long it takes before they remove the audio.
1-14 of 14 Results