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  1. Southern Zone
    Here are some pictures of my solo hunt this morning. I shot two geese and the two doves that ventured a little too close. I also had to go for a swim to get one of the honkers. The cows have killed a dog before and I forgot to grab a fishing pole. I'm just glad it's September and not November!
  2. The Lodge
    Did no one get out? I have not seen one pick of dead Iowa geese! I even looked on that dreaded 'other' site and nothing! My excuse, we are 'camping' in a hotel.:cool:
  3. Conservation Forum
    I forget the logistics but does it have to be held between Sept1-15? If not I'd highly recommend Sept 10-25. IMO Sept1-10 are wasted days, birds are hardly even flying to where they can get shot yet, therefor your pissin in the wind. Jeremy R you still around? Can we get this changed or are...
  4. Southern Zone
    maybe i am crazy, but if they wanted us to kill geese, wouldnt they open up some of the public hunting??? the three marshes i hunt the most badger, banner, and a small one northeast of ankeny all fall outside the zone by less then a mile. now i am sure this was strategic and on purpose. but...
  5. Conservation Forum
    On the question of enlarging Urban goose zones, We went through this last year as the W'loo/CF zone was created. IDNR likes a tight urban zone in order to concentrate hunter harvest on the specific geese that need targeted. I happen to feel that (especially when we don't havce the statewide 2...
  6. Field Hunting
    The Soggy Bottom Boyz lost our hunting land for Urban Goose Season and are in dire need of some prime Urban land in any of the zones. Have trailer and deeks, will travel. Soggy Bottom Boyz
1-6 of 6 Results