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  1. Mud Motor Talk
    so i have an 18ft alweld and a 36hp prodrive with a hard blind. it gets along ok but is definately sluggish. ive seen the upgrades you can do to them but im worried about the risk in dependability with those upgrades. any advice?
  2. Mud Motor Talk
    For NEXT year i'm thinking of getting a short shaft mud motor, been looking pretty hard at Gator Tails mainly because of reverse. My boat is a 16ft double wide double deep with pop up blind. Would like some input on what some of you have had good luck with, what you have not had good luck with...
  3. The Lodge
    Anyone get a waterfowl upgrade for Christmas????
  4. The Lodge
    Kevin (our webmaster) coded in a pic upload upgrade on the Missouri site (and this upgrade will be coming soon). Sometimes in the past, you would upload a large pic file and the upload screen would turn white and not load the pic, now there is a different option for a large pic file. Upon upload...
1-4 of 4 Results