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  1. Field Hunting
    Started the early season up here in South Dakota yesterday and had a decent shoot. The birds worked well early but once the sun came up the short wheat stubble did not hide the blinds too well. Ended up with 15 (9 are in picture). The birds that we did shoot were feet down in the decoys.
  2. Northern Zone
    TRIPOLI, Iowa - Martens Lake in the Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management Area is being drawn down to control the spread of brittle naiad, an exotic invasive aquatic plant discovered in the lake in 2010. "The drawdown has gone as planned for the first two weeks and if the weather cooperates the...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Folks a mounting effort is being put forward to fund MRAPS. MRAPS stands for " Mo. River Authorization Purpose Study" As some of you know the Mo. Delegation mounted an effort last year to make sure that MRAPS did not receive the funding that was needed to finish the study. They did this to...
  4. Fishing Forum
    CLEAR LAKE - Ice fishing is already beginning at Clear Lake and other lakes across north Iowa. With cold temperatures predicted for the remainder of the week, ice anglers by the thousands should be drilling this weekend. Although many lakes in central Iowa are freezing, the ice is not thick...
1-4 of 4 Results