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    I'm not new to turkey hunting but I wouldn't quite call myself more than an amateur for turkey hunting. However, while hunting geese and duck I found a spot with a lot of Turkeys, so I figured I would give it a go this spring. It will be shotgun unless I cant get one during the season I choose...
  2. The Lodge
    My dad has an extra turkey that he wants to get rid of. He went unclaimed before Thanksgiving and wants to be somebody's Christmas dinner. It's a broad breasted turkey that probably weighs between 30-40 lbs and he wants $1.25/lb. Just send me a pm and we can work out the details.
  3. Turkey Forum
    So… anyone fall hunt those big birds here? i got my first 2 turkeys fall season same day but 8:30 am and 3:30 pm, if you do go, you out for longbeards or are the hens just as good shooting in fall, just curious for some fall opinions
  4. The Lodge
    Got this in an e-mail today... enjoy guys.
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    Here is the jake decoy but painted instead of just the carving this time. Looks very nice.
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    Bill has had many requests for a turkey decoy and seems if you ask you shall receive. The link is below to see the start of the carvings. Looks great!!! Dakota X-treme Turkey! - The Dakota Decoy Forum
  7. Fishing Forum
    Any reccommendations on these two rivers in Fayette and Clayton counties? Never been on the rivers up that way - is it trout country? PM is fine if you're nervous about others stealin' your honey hole... I don't need directions just general advice as to what to go after would be great. I'll be...
  8. Turkey Forum
    Something I threw together. The video is my dads bird, my brother and I were tagged out. Pretty special hunt that all three of us could hunt together. All three easy hunts.
  9. The Lodge
    This in the morning on Sat. 24.5lbs, 1 1/4" R and 1" L, Beard #1 10.25", Beard #2 9.75" Then this at 9pm at night driving home from Easter at the Wifes Family's.
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    G&H Turkey Decoys Turkey Decoys - G&H Decoys, Inc.
  11. Turkey Forum
    I know I am!! new decoy came in last week :)
  12. Classifieds
    Looking to get a Rhino Turkey Choke for my Benelli SBEII. Im looking for a .660 Choke.
  13. Turkey Forum
    How do u you like to turkey hunt shotgun? bow? in the blind on the ground? what kind of decoys, how many? whats your favriot way to hunt turkeys?
  14. Classifieds
    Have a few turkey calls left. 1) Regular Slate call custom made....15.00 plus 1.00 shipping 2) Glass Top Slate...17.00 plus 1.00 shipping 3) Glass Over Slate...20.00 plus 1.00 shipping *Pics are of Glass Top and Glass Over slate.
  15. The Lodge
    When does it take place in IA? Forgive my laziness, but I did not see it on the IA Dnr page?
  16. Turkey Forum
    When checking the camera card the last few days, I have seen turkeys in ditch on the way in at about 10 or so. Got there this AM at 8, popped up a Darkhorse and set out the DSD feeder. At 945 a pair of Jennie's crested the top of the ditch and slowly worked my way, at 10:16 the lead bird was at...
  17. The Lodge
  18. Turkey Forum
    An e-mail from a friend of mine in Detroit (about a friend of his), e-mail as follows... Check this out...Pics taken by Jeff's friend. He said the turkey was holding up traffic and a guy came out of his house, went over to the turkey and picked it up like a dog and carried it off the street...
  19. Surrounding States
    Wisconsin takes the turkey title (maybe I should start hunting turkeys ) Wisconsin didn't have a population of wild turkeys 50 years ago. The native bird had been wiped out by human settlement and unregulated hunting. The birds began returning to the Badger State - for good - thanks to a...
  20. Turkey Forum
    I scored my first turkey this morning and it was a great hunt. I learned from Knobbers last year that if the turkey won't come to you, go to him. My wife and I set up this morning where we had seen a tom fly down out of his roost yesterday morning. Well, he roosted a little further...