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  1. The Lodge
    Just got home from Squaw Creek in Mound City Mo. Many of the county roads are still closed due to the flooding, some roads are gone! Very sad to see how many acres of crops were gone. Yes there are still birds at the refuge! I have been around Squaw for many years and the reports from Dec. 22...
  2. Fishing Forum
    Groupon Ice Fishing guided trip, not a bad deal. Yes I know its Green Bay and a little far to drive, but it's good for me. Sick day coming soon to fish a Friday on Lake Michigan :D... Like fishing for compliments, fishing for fish requires...
  3. Fishing Forum
    I had some deer trim that I needed to run up to the Edgewood Locker today. On the way home I got to thinking that it was way too nice to waste such a gorgeous day. I decided to stop by the hatchery at Manchester with my wife and kids. If you enjoy fishing and have never been to one of our...
  4. The Lodge
    Here are some pictures from my trip to kansas. The last picture shows what a pattern master will do at 30 yards while flyin.
  5. Fishing Forum
    Hey fellas I just got back from a week down in NC Arkasnas fishing on the white river behind the Bull Shoals dam and all I have to say is WOW! Both the fishing and the heat was WOW lol! The fishing for rainbow and brown trout was unbelievable and come to find out from the locals the fishing is...
  6. The Lodge
    Not exactly a road trip but my baseball team gets to go play in des moines at the state tournaments starting this monday. Figured I would share if anyone is a big baseball fan
  7. Fishing Forum
    Ever had "one of those trips" where it just didn't go as planned.... Started out sinkin the back end of the boat beached on shore (had it beached while we were bringin gear down from the truck) and having to remove water in the pic, pulled it up on shore (cousins boat)...plastic wal-mart bag...
  8. The Lodge
    Well fellas just finished up my last hunting trip of the fall/winter season. Headed down to hunt with my good buddy Kent from Mississippi. They have been hammering them all season in his timber hole but wouldnt you guess it the weather was bad for me when I got there but oh well we still did...
  9. Fishing Forum
    We fished madison lake(by mankato, MN) the 26th thru the 28th. Had good luck as well. The biggest crappies topped out at 12 inches. Here are a few pics.
  10. The Lodge
    Pics from day two yet to come...not a lot of mallards but we put a hurtin on the gray ducks, this pic is missin a beautiful drake wigeon that is goin on my partners wall...didnt get any pics from our other pair of hunters but it woulda looked pretty similar except they had a few more pinnies.
  11. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    Two weekends ago my dad and I went out Sunday morning for a hunt to try out the blind and the motor. Both worked excellent. That motors chews up and spits out everything you go thru and went thru everything. Very happy with it and the blind worked well also. Big shout out to Marshmonster and...
  12. The Lodge
    Widgeon retrieving mallard Steiger waiting Our newest chessy pup Chuck and his mule deer doe The duck commander showed up on halloween night
  13. The Lodge
    Well I finally got some photos from our Canada trip. Went to Manitoba again for the second time and the first two days were a disaster!! It was there thanksgiving and I didnt realize that! NO ONE was home and we couldnt get maps cause the map place was closed! Here is some pics but they are not...
  14. The Lodge
    Leaving for Ashley, ND October 22, plan on hunting fields for mostly mallards and pintails. Taking all the decoys though to set up for Canadas and Snows and Blues also. First time, any advice from any North Dakota veterans?
  15. Fishing Forum
    A bunch of college buddies and I are looking at taking a fishing trip up to Minnesota in late July or August. Where would you guys suggest going? We are thinking of staying in a hotel or cheap lodge. We don't need to be wined and dined. We will probably rent a large boat and take a boat...
  16. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    The birds didn't want to cooperate but the trip was excellent. Saw more birds this spring than we have the last two springs. Ended up scratching 10 snows this weekend but it was hard to work them when we had 25 to 30,000 birds in the same field we were but a 1/2 mile to the east of us and...
  17. The Lodge
    When its my pick where we go out to eat its my pick! Momma wasn't to thrilled however, the little man was pleased! He was the hit of Hooters! Definitly a chick magnet! :!: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  18. The Lodge
    WIN A FREE HUNT TO CANADA WITH HEAVY HAULER OUTDOOR GEAR AND RJM OUTFITTERS. To enter simply send us your name, phone number, and email along with a copy of your receipt and UPC from your recent Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear product purchase to Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear, PO Box 7 Kingsley, IA...
  19. The Lodge
    The end of the season was not looking good here in Eastern Iowa, so me and a few buddies loaded the trucks and boat blinds up. We wanted to hit South Dakota but didn't register for licenes in June so we neded up heading towards Nebraska and prayed for a front to move through. The first couple...
1-20 of 34 Results