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  1. Classifieds
    Avery Double Duty Retriever Platform. Used once on the boat, comes with everything pictured. $75 picked up in Omaha, will ship at buyers expense. Innotek ADV-300 training collar. 300 yard range, 7 stimulation levels with tone option, rechargeable/waterproof receiver. In perfect working...
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    Eastern Iowa Hunting Retriever Assn. is hosting its first club training day of the new year Saturday morning at 8am at Hawkeye Wildlife area just outside North Liberty. For more information check out our website http// or our Facebook page...
  3. Classifieds
    Dogtra 280NCP Training Collar *SOLD* PLEASE REMOVE Hello, I have a Dogtra 280NCP Training Collar that comes with all the accessories such as charger, lanyard, box, instructional booklet etc... This is used just a handful of times is all. It is an excellent collar and very reliable. It is...
  4. Classifieds
    Hello, I have 3 Sportdog 400 Training Collars. These have literally been out just two times. They are in brand new shape. The collars have not been cut and there is not even a scratch on them. You wont be disappointed in these collars. I just bought them thinking I was going to use them and...
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    I am trying to save a little gas. If you know of some ponds that are safe to run dogs in and they would be willing to let me train dogs on them, it would be greatly appreciated. Ponds with points would be nice, ponds in a bowl and I also am going to need a pretty small pond to do swim-by. Any...
  6. Waterfowl Q & A
    I'm getting a pup this spring and I had a friend give me a copy of the book gun dog he said it is old is it worth using or should I go with something newer
  7. Classifieds
    I'm looking to buy both Lardy's Total Retriever books and/or DVD's. I would like the marks edition first but will consider others. Also I'm looking for Retriever Problems and Solutions with Danny Farmer and Judy Aycock.
  8. Gun Dog Forum
    I live in Dubuque and was just wondering if there are any wetland areas to train around here?
  9. Gun Dog Forum
    I live in Ames and currently don't have a fenced in yard for my dog. I'm thinking about going to a local baseball diamond with a closed fence surrounding it for training work. Has anyone ever done anything like this or know if I could get in any trouble doing this.
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    Picking up 25 quail this Friday and will work young lab on sit to flush and shot over the next couple weeks. He is quite obedient but this will be a thrill for him. It will be fun to watch his progression. He is headed to North Dakota with me for 2 trips in October.
  11. The Lodge
    I am looking for some birds to use for training. Anyone know where I can find some?
  12. Gun Dog Forum
    Hey guys a have a lab/wiem mix that I have been working with upland training. I would also like to get her trainded in waterfowling as well. Do you know of any goot trainers that do both or have you had sucess with DVD, books, etc.? Thanks for the input
  13. Gun Dog Forum
    I am looking for some reviews on a dog collar. It is the Sport DOG Brand Field Trainer SD-400. Has anyone used this, or know anyone that has used this? Any comments? Thanks
  14. Hunting Gear
    Thinking about buying this and was wondering how durable the string is from the body to the head. If it breaks am I SOL or can I retie? Thanks
  15. Gun Dog Forum
    Dog training command single "mark" Watch "Dog training command single "mark" "
  16. Outdoor Photography
    Well this time of the year I dont get out much with the camera but a few weeks ago after 6" of rain it created a nice pond to help my buddy train his dogs. The water was clear so I took out the Nikon and took a few shots of his dogs since I wasn't worried about falling into a big hole. Wish I...
  17. Sports Talk
    Who is the best team this year to win the division???????
  18. The Lodge
    Nothing special just a few shots of the dog!!!
1-18 of 19 Results