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  1. The Lodge
    I cannot post on the refuge but is any one else as sick of reading these three guys whining at each other as much as I am? This has been going on for at least 4 years and and these 3 fight like 13 year old girls every year at mid august right before the seasons are set. Yeah one started IAW...
  2. The Lodge
    I am gunna go out solo at my lease just outside of omaha if anyone would like to accompany me? Let me know. Thanks
  3. The Lodge
    There r NON STOP ducks & geese flying tonight down here in SW Iowa . Anyone wanna head out to my lease with me in the morning? It's just outside of Omaha, Nebrask & I will even make u breakfast. We have an underground pit with heat & electricity. Let me know thanks.
  4. Turkey Forum
    Our 2nd season started yesterday, I had the blind set out since last week and ready to rock. The gobbling was crazy and early...5:23 . I had 2 nice strutters launch with a few hens and stay 125 yds above me and show off all morning never leaving them. Four jakes came right in and all took...
  5. The Lodge
    did some driving around this afternoon and found some mallards, problem is i cant hunt where they were and had to get back to work so wasnt able to wait and see here they went, however i do have permission to hunt a plowed cornfield about 100 yards to the south of where they were sitting. But i...
  6. Turkey Forum
    Hit the timber at 545. Owl hooted nothin. My buddy would call, nothin, Then it started thundering and one would gobble every time. He flew down worked his way toward me. BANG at 35 yards, off he runs... :( I think I hit him but not sure. I felt horrible. Never done that to a turkey before. We...
  7. Turkey Forum
    Pretty good weekend had in SE Iowa! My dad, brother, and I went 3 for 3 on toms. Birds weren't easy by any means but we made due and stuck with it. Friday started out with a bang for my dad(I take it back there was one easy bird), I put him in my honey hole fly down spot as I wanted him to...
  8. Gun Rack
    I know, I Know, it says Browning but we all know it's Winchester..ya, ya Browning owns Winchester Still a amazing feat and a amazing gun Can't wait for the new Browning Maxus to come out
1-8 of 8 Results