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  1. Bird Movement
    Well, who ever sits south of us in the am will have a chit pot full of new birds to yank at. Lots of birds came down river today around 3 pm until I couldnt see anymore but still could hear them. Specks, snows, honkers and ducks. Sunday should be a fresh start on some new birds. I seen a bunch...
  2. The Lodge
    Have they left the region or have they shifted from 1 habitat to the other? You be the judge. This is exactly why you have to love river systems that never freeze. Large and small the ducks will use them late in the season as roost areas only to come out later in the day to feed in the fields...
  3. Sports Talk
    Vikings squeek out another, would have thought a 44yd feild goal would have been in the trick bag for a "Pro". That said kinda fun game on right now with Tenn and NE white feild, playing in the snow.
  4. The Lodge
    Here is how we did today should have more ducks if I had shot better :roll:
  5. The Lodge
    This is what we killed today.. Adam is down and we killed 10 birds (1 band :D ).. it was a great day.. we slept in and went out in the afternoon and started killn' birds after about a hour of being there.. we killed the 2 of the first 3 scouts that came in.. then after that it was ON ...
1-5 of 5 Results