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  1. Conservation Forum
    Draft Proposal #1 5-Day NR Waterfowl Hunting License $48.50 The proposal I wrote would create a 5 day Non Resident Waterfowl Hunting License at a cost of $48.50 All resources generated by the sale of said Lic would go directly into the states IDNR Fish & Wildlife Migratory Waterfowl Stamp Fund...
  2. The Lodge
    This morning ended up being a waste of time and a very cold morning but still felt good to be out. Also knowing that the birds didn't fly this morning we knew they would fly this evening. We hunted till about 10:30 this morning and then headed back out to a field about 2pm and set up to run...
  3. The Lodge
    Just got home from Squaw Creek in Mound City Mo. Many of the county roads are still closed due to the flooding, some roads are gone! Very sad to see how many acres of crops were gone. Yes there are still birds at the refuge! I have been around Squaw for many years and the reports from Dec. 22...
  4. Southern Zone
    Tell you what guys, we saw an incredible amount of birds in central Iowa, easily over 10,000 ducks this morning. We didn't do so hot because the boat was a little to high profile for where we tried to hunt, but that was a beautiful sight to see.
  5. Northern Zone
    We still managed to put some ducks in the boat. Me and EntropyFX as well as a soon to be new member. Lost 2 Mallards, both hens, took home 3 Drakes, a Juvy and a Drake GW teal.
  6. Gun Dog Forum
    L ost my 12 year old lab today.Ruger was my 1st lab and we had many enjoyable hunts together.gonna miss the old man but i do have a 4 year old daughter out of him. R I P RUGER
  7. The Lodge
    My buddy and I decided to head up by new hampton to where my cabin is and do some hunting. Got a mix bag of 3 GWT, 1 BWT, a mallard, and a goose(which was my buddys first). pretty fun day overall. OH!!! And dont forget the two crows :)
  8. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    so i was about to pull the trigger on the 14ft v hull, when i found a 16ft v hull for even less than the 14 ft. it is about 1-2 inches narrower but still is pretty deep and obviously 2 feet longer. its the same style of v with very steep sides so it still should hold a lot, and be very stable...
  9. The Lodge
    Its also on public land, the dnr does pull off some good stuff once in a while! Probably about 10 acre field here.
  10. The Lodge
    I had a great weekend, I had a 14 year old knock on my door and properly introduced himself to me offering his hand for a handshake and asked me if I would take him hunting and teaching about the outdoors this year. I said well we need to talk about this a bit. We talked about the rules...
  11. Conservation Forum The Iowa Senate passed the Iowa Dove Bill today 30-18, on to the house of representatives. The Dove Bill number in the House is HF 508 Folks please contact your House of...
  12. Outdoor Photography
    Drove around town and checked out the flood waters and found some honkers.
  13. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Headed down to meet up with Rob, Rob jr, and Jim today to hunt some snows. My buddy came along as well. We had a decent day nothing to complain about could have been better. Was only a 25 bird day. Here are some pics.
  14. Outdoor Photography
    Took a drive this afternoon and found some birds. Here are a few pics.
  15. The Lodge
    had a good shoot this morning probally be the last of the season for us and it was a good way to end the season!
  16. Conservation Forum
    REPUBLICANS RAID REAP FUNDS & FORMULA in DM Des Moines, Iowa – House Republicans have cut funding and proposed a change to the formula for Resource Enhancement and Protection for Iowa (REAP) grants which will nearly end efforts to purchase or restore lands in Iowa to improve fish and...
  17. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    Went to Mound City today & really put a hurting to the snows. Got 67 for 3 guys. Man if we had more guys we could have had probably 200+. They r just starting to stack up there. This was a completely do it yourself hunt. We scouted, got permission, & set up the spread & put a smacking on em...
  18. Bird Movement
    Isaw about 100 specks going up the cedar south of Atalissa today,
1-18 of 83 Results