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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey there, felt obliged to post something since you went to all the trouble to create the intro forum. I live in Ames, just graduated from ISU w/ animal science degree last May. I'm now working full time untill hopefully heading back to school for vet med in the next year or two. Been hunting...
  2. The Lodge
    For the 2nd night in a row.
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have visited this website regularly for some time now and with the help of a few members on here have decided to join. Thanks to Fred H and DUJMontchal for that. I have been addicted to waterfowl hunting since the day my dad got me started at age 6. I used to hunt the NE side of the state, but...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Live in Eastern Iowa with my bride of 26 years and three great sons. I'm blessed to have a wife that lets me hunt as often as I want and an Employer that lets me flex my schedule to chase birds on short notice. Know alot of hands on here and Fred H can attest that when it comes to ducks I'm...
  5. Southern Zone
    Went out on Coralville this morning. Found a deep cove and went clear to the back. At about 7:00 the teal started to pile in. I've hunted this cove before, it has been a hiding spot for all the stale ducks. We let a good size group land and get comfortable. 2 more groups came in so we started in...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    So why is the time stamp so far off on this forum? Today is the day for the time change and I have been bothered by this for months now on here.
  7. The Lodge
    So I have a little situation. I live in a townhouse complex and have had crappy neighbors for about 3 years. The place has been empty for about 7 months until a couple weeks ago. The same guy has owned the place but either rents it or does contract to buy. When the place was empty I started...
  8. Site Help and Suggestions
    remove all posts that do not have any activity :25: some posts are over 2 years old just a thought :rolleyes:
  9. Gun Dog Forum
    Will you know when it's time to… By Bob Zettler October 19, 2011 ...for your dog to cross the Rainbow Bridge? No, not the one in the recent Thor movie as that was actually the Bifrost Bridge but there are some similarities. It's the Rainbow Bridge that some people who have canine family...
  10. Gun Dog Forum
    Well...fiance and I want to get our hunting dog soon after we tie the know is 3 weeks. Is late fall/winter an OK time to get a hunting pup, probably a GSP. Whats everyone's thoughts?
  11. The Lodge
  12. The Lodge
    I got buried in mud this morning. I have never been that stuck in my life Took me 30 minutes to dig myself out. I almost freaked out and crawled out of my waders and left them. My buddy and I got our limits in 19 minutes, and that was taking turns shooting. I spent more time stuck this...
  13. The Lodge
    This is new to me but when is the best time to go and where should I set up? They planted a few sunflower patches on public is that the place to setup?
  14. The Lodge
    i have been trying to get on rogers site to price a few things and i keep getting this Bandwidth Limit Exceeded...
  15. Site Help and Suggestions
    Please click here: Go toward the bottom of the page and look for "time zone." Picture attached.
  16. Decoy Forum
    Time to paint decoys for next season....starting with the bluebills A friend of mine carved this one for me and i updated the paint on it
  17. The Lodge
    For saying..and i quote..."haha..this site" Such a joke..i love you guys
  18. Deer Forum
    seen a huge mature 11 point doggin does this morning ! first real action i have seen that the mature bucks are chasing this is in madison county so i would have to say the ruts on in my neck of the woods. I will be out this week end camera and bow in hand. see if I can stick ole freak nasty or...
  19. Sports Talk
    Kinda miss seeing the standings on here every week like last year or does that only happen when a certain team is in 1st place? :lol: :lol: :lol: GO PACK GO
1-19 of 49 Results