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  1. The Lodge
    Gonna put the Ice Eater out Thursday after work in preperation for the upcoming weekend. Ice Eater +30 gal external fuel tank = great big fat jumbo canada's. (Tankmengineered and made by Steve the waterfowl equipment genius) You will now be returned to your regularly scheduled...
  2. Ducks Unlimited
    The Grundy County DU Chapter will be holding a Hunter's Party on Thursday, May 26th at the Grundy Center Community Center, 703 F Ave. Doors open at 6PM. Tickets are $25 for non-DU member adults, $15 for children (17 and under), and $15 for current DU members. This includes your DU membership and...
  3. Bird Movement
    Took the boy out later in the day. The wind died down to about 5 and the sky was blue. Normal flight time has been right at 6:30 which is 5 minutes past legal shooting time. Had 1 gad semi do the deed but couldn't pull the trigger. 6 25 started picking up the blocks and right at 6 30 the...
  4. Bird Movement
    15 to 20 mile an hour winds, clear skies and 21 degrees. wooo Lots a groups of migrators high steady up to about 10 o clock. Mix, ducks and geese. Numbers of ducks in this region have improved greatly. Shot a limit of birds by 9:30 4 greenheads 1 gad and 1 teal. Saw plenty of birds moving...
  5. The Lodge
    Guys if you are interested in playing poker with guys from this site and our other sites tomorrow night please go and sign up at . You have to be a member there to play poker tomorrow night. 8pm is when it starts. Hope to see you there!!!
  6. IAW Bar & Grill
    Guys... please let me know in this thread if you'll be playing Thursday. Also, if you haven't already, register to as the game will be held there. How to get more chips: (you start with 1,000) 8 PM on this Thursday!
  7. Ducks Unlimited
    Mid-Iowa Ducks Unlimited Annual Fall Banquet Thursday, September 2nd, 2010 Stoney Creek Inn & Conference Center 5291 Stoney Creek Court Johnston, Iowa Doors open at 5:00 PM Dinner @ 6:30 PM Live Auction @7:45 PM Advance sales: Single ticket (incudes DU membership) $45.00 Couples tickets...
  8. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    We wanted to hunt Friday morning at a marsh where sneak boats are the cats meow so we had to paint up the brother in laws sneak boat. Here are a few pics. Before During and after We then decided to throw some paint on mine as well.
  9. Surrounding States
    Leaving for NoDak Wed. eve. Hoping for the best. Overnight lows are forecast to be around freezing and the "S" word was used. I'm spending the weekend getting things together for the trip and hoping I've thought of everything. Have you got any advice on things you've forgotten that would...
1-9 of 9 Results