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  1. The Lodge
    So I have my own landscape company and USUALLY cant landscape in the winter months, so this year I invested into a snowplow for my 1 ton truck. This idea is not panning out yet. I know that some years are better than others and that we will have snow yet. I guess the question I have is if...
  2. Decoy Forum
    So I was thinking that maybe I could turn my goose shell decoys into floaters with the help of some of that pink insulation board. Has anybody out there tried this, or anything similar. Any advise is welcome.
  3. Predator Hunting & Trapping
    Gotten a few snaps at what I believe is a bobcat, From the way it is standing, size, and everything else. Just wanted ya'll to weigh in, because I am going to try and trap me one this year. Unfortunately this is the best pic so far.
  4. The Lodge
    So I have a gun I want to sell. 1.Can I legally sell it to anyone? 2.How do I get my name off the regestration to this gun? Any advice. I just don't want to sell a gun to someone whos gonna go rob a bank and the gun comes back to my name. Always wondered how this works. Or is the $$$...
  5. Waterfowl Boats, Motors, & Boat Blinds
    so i've found a sort of contender for a duck boat, but im not sold on it. it is a v bottom that is just a hair over 14ft...i went to look at it only because the lady had it advertised as a 17 ft. however, there are certain things i really like about it. its super deep and actually around 64"...
  6. The Lodge
    Hi everyone...I've never been snow goose hunting. I was in Kansas this morning for work and saw GIANT flocks of snow geese. I don't have any decoys. But I do have connections to probably get access to plenty of acres. Do you guys think it would be worth the 6 hr one way drive and what...
  7. The Lodge
    I saw this on ebay today, and thought it looked interesting for the price. i don't have a place to store a real trailer right...
  8. The Lodge
    Anything new needed on the site as the year is closing out, Home page like WI Stock market ticker, stock tracker by symbol... Radio with random songs New logo on top left of site Anyone banned??? ????? anything?????
  9. The Lodge
    Late this afternoon a good hunting buddy and all around buddy of mine was killed in a car accident about a mile south of my brothers place. I still don't know all the details all I heard was an LP truck fell on top of his car. RIP Jon you will be missed!!!!!
  10. The Lodge
    I heard of this morning probably an hour after it happened. I send my deepest thoughts and smypathy to the Thomas family and the AP community. This man was a legend and a hero to many people. His coaching abilities took I believe over a half dozen people to their careers in the NFL and four...
  11. The Lodge
    Got word today during work that Tim's father in law passed away this morning from cancer. I was told by Tim he went into a coma this past weekend. So if you could throw a good word in for Tim and his wife Jamie and their family. I know my thoughts are already headed that way.
  12. The Lodge
    What are your thoughts on using a feed chuckle when hunting ducks over land/water? I am a little confused by guys that I have hunted with that will really go all out with the feed chuckle, almost dominating their nonstop conversation with circling ducks. It has been my experience that it is...
1-12 of 12 Results