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  1. The Lodge
    Well despite high hopes from having a few good hunts the week prior and reports of large numbers of birds in western IA, my success the past week was pretty minimal. I burned up at least three tanks of gas scouting but was only able to get into one field, the others were all locked up or I...
  2. The Lodge
    No matter what curve balls we have thrown in our lives we all have something to be Thankful for. I will be with friends whom I consider family tomorrow and then we will hunt hard for the next 3 days. I am Thankful for all your kind words from you guys and the well wishes. Hope everyone has a...
  3. Bird Movement
    So this is the official thanksgiving week threaad! 4 of us went out this morning, south zone, not too much migration going on ended with 12 mallards and a snow
  4. Sports Talk
    FOR HAWKEYE FANS!! Gonna miss the CU rivalry game but I have a feeling this new rivalry is gonna get good. GO BIG RED
  5. The Lodge
    Anyone killed anything so far?
  6. The Lodge
    Hey everyone hope you and your family have a safe and happy thanksgiving.
  7. The Lodge
    Anyone been out on Thanksgiving morning? Is it usually busy with people on public ground, like the weekends?
  8. The Lodge
    Just wondering how everyone did. It was a toss up for me this morning to hit the marsh with my buddy or deer hunt. I chose to deer hunt. I saw 12 does and one real nice 8 point but he never got close enough. Next year I am getting a antlerless tag because I had 6 does right under the stand...
  9. The Lodge
    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Go Packers :D Click on the link
  10. The Lodge
    I know I will be, but how many guys will be duck or goose hunting? I know in years past, I've hunted Big Hartford, but from what I've seen and heard, theres no point in that. Think I will try and get into the field from the way the weather sounds.
  11. Field Hunting
    Here's some pics from Fri night
  12. The Lodge
    Geese that live in town and have yet to ever leave the city limits, these geese have fed in the several corn fields in the city limits, fly over the house every night and it is show
  13. The Lodge
    Hope everyone has a happy, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving!!!
  14. The Lodge
    What is everyone doing tomorrow??? I know we are having lunch at my parents at noon with my mom's side of the family. It will be a zoo. Guess maybe I will bow hunt in the morning and maybe bow hunt all afternoon to stay out of the house!!!!
1-14 of 15 Results