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  1. The Lodge
    Never have shot one of either of these. I see some every year and have consider shooting them. What do they taste like? That way if I have some fly by I know whether it is worth taking the shot.
  2. Fishing Forum
    Brushy Creek fish that found my bucket from yesterday, 25 gills up to 8 3/4", 3 perch up to 10 1/2", 6 Crappies up to 12". Was hopeing the big Crappies would have cooperated better. There is a promanent year class this year of crappies 5-6" bet I through back 50. Hitting a farm pond this...
  3. The Lodge
    Morels I mean, I've already been having dreams about them. I know its still 9 or 10 weeks out, but I can't help it. I hope this season is more productive then last year, but regardless I'll spend more time in the woods then the Misses will be happy with.
1-3 of 3 Results